Harry Potter Quiz

There are many questions but you can manage, can't you, I bet you can. You will manage well in this quiz, are you a genius, if you are I dare you to take this quiz!

Find out if your a true Harry Potter cridic! Until now you can only wonder that if you are. But now you can with this quiz, just take a few minutes and find out!

Created by: mellinie

  1. What is Lord Voldemort real name?
  2. Who should have been in prison in the Third book,but escaped?
  3. How did Harry Manage to get the Philosophers stone?
  4. Quidditch is?
  5. Who teaches potions
  6. What do Dementors guard?
  7. What is the name of Harry Potters cousin
  8. What are Harry Potter's Parents names
  9. In what book does Dumbledore die in?
  10. What are Griffindor's colors
  11. What is the name of the three headed dog that guards the Philosophers stone

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