The Harry Potter quiz

If you like Harry Potter this is the quiz for you. It's even more for you if you think you knwo everything about it. You nw get to test your knowledge of Harry Potter.

Are you a squib, a student, a teacher, a member of the order of the phoebix, a minestry worker, or the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Just answer the questions correctly and you'll be fine.

Created by: Jason

  1. Who was the true owner of the elder wand afte Dumbledor died?
  2. What was Grindewald's first name
  3. What was Lupin and Tonk's childs name?
  4. What did george say after his ear got shot off?
  5. What was the first horcrux ever destroyed?
  6. What was Sirus's brother's middle name?
  7. What do you say to make the Marauders Map work?
  8. What's Ginny's middle name?
  9. What's Hermione's middle name?
  10. What is the password to the secret passageway to Hogsmeade?
  11. What is Ron's patronous form?
  12. What is Hermione's patronous form?

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