A quiz about the reading sensation thats sweeping the nation! Harry Potter! Test your HP knowledge to the max! This quiz will challenge you, and force you to really think and discover your true Harry Potter-ness!

JUST KIDDING!!! Disreguard that last paragraph, folks. This quiz is about Harry Potter, but it's really easy! If you fail, then all I can say is: WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!?

Created by: Status QuoZo

  1. Start off Easy....What are Harry's best friends' names?
  2. What's Ron's rat's name?
  3. Who is Harry's least favorite teacher?
  4. Name the four houses
  5. Who is the head of Gryffindor?
  6. Name that sport! Description: Players fly around on brooms and try to shoot a ball into 3 goals.
  7. Harry's godfather?
  8. Who does Harry live with?
  9. What is Harry's pet's name
  10. Who kills Sirius Black?
  11. What must Harry take during his 5th year?
  12. During what year does Harry not attend Hogwarts?
  13. Name the Quidditch Positions
  14. How do you win a Quidditch match?
  15. What position does Harry play?
  16. What kind of broom does Harry have
  17. Who does Harry like?
  18. Who likes Harry?
  19. Who does Harry marry?
  20. Final Question.... Who is the main villian? (SUPER EASY!!!)

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