How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

Many people have read the "Harry Potter" series. This test tests your knowledge on the "Harry Potter" series. If you want to put ur noggen to the test, come here!

So YOU think you read the "Harry Potter" series? Have YOU??? Do you think you deserve the title "I knowmyharry potter series so well i deserve an award"? Thanks to the quiz, you can see if you qualify!

Created by: bob
  1. Who are Harry's Best Friends?
  2. Who is the Author?
  3. What School did Harry go to before Book 7?
  4. Who was "Scabbers"
  5. Who is Harry's Godfather
  6. Did Harry Potter Play Yu-Gi-Oh!?
  7. Who was Harry Potter's Enemy?
  8. What gender was Dumbledor?
  9. How many Harry Potter Books are There?
  10. How was this quiz

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Harry Potter?