Does your crush like you? (girls)

Ever wanted to know if your crush likes you? Doesn't everybody? I have been taking multiple quizzes, and my answers varied each time, so I decided to make my own! Sorry if it isn't accurate!

Do you think your crush likes you? Are you meant to be friends, Best friends, Bf and Gf, or husband and wife? Take this quiz to find out! (warning, its my first quiz, might not be accurate)

Created by: Evan
  1. Okay, lets get started. How long have you known your crush?
  2. Do you catch him staring at you? What does he do when you catch him?
  3. Does he have a gf?
  4. On a scale of 1-6, one being the worst 6 being the best, how much do you like him?
  5. (doesn't effect your answer) This is my first quiz and it probably isn't the most accurate, so will you hate?
  6. Okay, does he seem to show up at places you might have mentioned out loud to the class?
  7. Be honest. Do you think your crush likes you?
  8. If he does like you, what do you think he likes you for?
  9. What do you want him to be?
  10. Okay, remember this was my first quiz ever, so please dont hate! Bye!

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (girls)