Does your female crush like you?

Do you ever wonder if your girl-crush is into you,too? Sometimes it's hard to tell, but maybe this quiz will be able to help you out. Girls are usually shy about telling you if they like you or not.

In fact, most relationships (and girls) are super confusing and usually hard to fully understand. No guarantees, but hopefully by taking this quiz, you will learn how to tell if your "lady friend" is into you.

Created by: kelyjo

  1. Have you two already been in a relationship?
  2. Are you two currently in a friendly relationship?
  3. Do you guys ever hug, touch, or even kiss?
  4. How often do you see each other?
  5. Do you two have a lot in common?
  6. Do you fight a lot with her?
  7. How long have you known her?
  8. Do you guys ever hang out together?
  9. Has she met your parents yet?
  10. Do you share your secrets with her?

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Quiz topic: Does my female crush like you?