Which of my cousin and I's pet would you be!

You will have a great time with this quiz you can have a result for 4 different dogs, a cat, and four different hermit crabs! For both boys and girls!

Their is 1 girl dog result, the cat is a girl result, two of the crabs are girls the results are Charlie(male dog), Sophie(female dog), Jasper(male dog), Allie(female cat), Willie Kate(female hermit crab),Pineapple(male hermit crab), Riley(male hermit crab), Penny(female hermit crab), and BB King(male dog)

Created by: Julianne and her cousin, Rylan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to go a little crazy sometimes
  2. do you like to climb
  3. Which type do you want to be
  4. if you selected dog which dog
  5. If you selected cat I'm sorry there is only one result but if hermit crab which
  6. Just to make sure put in your gender again to make sure you don't get a pet opposite of yours
  7. Do you like to be around many people or be alone?
  8. Do you like to get fancy
  9. do you like to meet new people?
  10. will you rate and/or comment?

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