Love story part 1

This quiz is basically about you.I only put 2 people because i didn't feel like it my cousin was snoring in my ear and i have a dislocated ankle.Please pray for me.I am sooo not playing,my cousin was dragging me on the floor then,he dropped me and it cracked.It looks really weird!READ ABOVE PLEASE:#Thankyou!

I hate this 150 thing but really read the top to see why i only did two people,it will mean that can you at least rate and comment.Please i want to have a popular quiz!Thx!Have fun with the quiz please rate and comment what you think about the quiz and what i should do on the next quiz.

Created by: sprinkles

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  1. Your alarm went off and it is the first day of high school.What do you want to wear?
  2. Whatever you pick it looks cute on you.Your parents left and you going to school in your blue Camero.When you get there,you see four HOT guys coming out of the car next to you what do you think?
  3. One of them with dirty blonde hair came out and said "Hi,i am Dustin"..What do you say in reply?
  4. Another boy came and he had blonde hair with green eyes."The names Ashton"He smiled at you and you grinned.
  5. you will here the rest later!
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  7. bye
  8. Tell me what i should do in the next one!
  9. hi
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