Does your crush like you back?

If you're here to take this quiz, you've probably wondered whether or not your crush likes you. This quiz is for both boys AND girls, so no worries. Please remember that my results aren't perfect, and I may be completely wrong. If you are disappointed with your result, then maybe it will just take you two longer.

Are you ready to find out if your crush likes you? Please enjoy this short quiz and feel free to rate. I hope you are happy with your results and I will see you at the end!

Created by: J
  1. Do you ever find your crush looking or staring at you?
  2. Does your crush talk to you a lot?
  3. Do you ever catch your crush flirting with you?
  4. Does your crush ever want to be your partner in class or suggests to help you with a project?
  5. Are you and your crush friends?
  6. Does your crush pay attention to you and do they recognize your feelings?
  7. Do your friends ever mention to you that your crush talks about you?
  8. You walk by each other. What does he/she say?
  9. What is the most amount of body contact you two have ever made?
  10. How much information have you given your crush?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?