Does he like me?

Hey girls! Take this quiz to find out if your crush likes you back! I know it is hard to find out your crush does not like you back. But I also know that it is not hard to find out if your crush likes you back. It is a great feeling!

Do not worry, I have been in your situation too. I am still in your situation too. I am just a middle school searching for love. I have taken many quizzes, but they all say different things. Hopefully this quiz will give you your answers!

Created by: okay okay
  1. How much do you guys talk?
  2. How does he act around you?
  3. How much do you like him?
  4. How much do you think he likes you?
  5. How many times a week do you see him?
  6. Who does he hang out with mostly?
  7. What does he consider you?
  8. How does his friends act when you guys are together?
  9. Does he give you hug/kisses/gifts?
  10. Do you think he is really worth it?

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