Does Your Crush Like You Back?

Welcome to my quiz! Here you will find out if the love of your life likes you back or not. Remember, if he doesn't, it's his fault for not knowing how great you are.

Oh yeah, and this quiz is originally for girls, but boys are welcome to try it out as well. It would mean a lot to me if you rated this quiz, so thanks so much if you do~! Bye~!

Created by: PikachuuMi

  1. How long have you known each other?
  2. Where do you usually hang out?
  3. Has he ever insulted you?
  4. Do you have anything in common?
  5. Does he ignore you sometimes?
  6. Does he ever get jealous when you're talking to other boys?
  7. Does he ever tug your shirt? (I know this sounds stupid but answer it anyway.)
  8. Has he ever touched you?
  9. Has he ever cried for you?
  10. Has he ever bought you anything?
  11. Are you his type?
  12. Did he have a crush/girlfriend in his past?
  13. How tall are you compared to him?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You Back?