Does he like youuuu!

So you have a crush, right? Well it is best if you ask someone out with a bit of a direction that will help you work out how likely the like you back. So I will help you. I have researched and this is guaranteed to help you in some way though I cannot refund time back if this didn't help.

So take the test and also take a few others on the site to see a range of opinions and sum up if he does. Now with boys you may think that boy is the one and only but trust me, if he don't like you back after some time then its time to move along. Take the quiz to find out!!!

Created by: NayNayNaomikid

  1. Does he talk to you often?
  2. Does he call you _____ (fill in blank)
  3. Have you ever caught him staring at you/ gazing into your eyes?
  4. If you talk, whats it usually about?
  5. Does he tease you playfully?
  6. Does he stop and listen to you?
  7. How often does he touch you
  8. Why do you like him???
  9. How many years between you and him?
  10. Does his friends act wierdly when your around?
  11. So, was this quiz fun/ helpful/ exciting/ awesome!?!
  12. Will you recomend this to friends?
  13. On a scale of 10 how much do you like your crush?
  14. Last question, what is your favourite?

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