I'll Die in Your Love Part 3

I hate my teachers! They give me so much homework! So it took me longer to make this! And my parents sometimes take the computer away from me so sometimes I just can't do it at all. So I am going to talk a little about myself.

OK. so I am 11 years old. And I am a girl with a highly common name. And let's see... I don't have many friends because everyone thinks I am emo. I got all the really old teachers in middle school. I am in 6th grade and yeah. I have a 16 year old sister. The only friends I have are awesomely weird. So that is me! :)

Created by: Anastasia
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  1. "What the Hell?!" Keli screamed. "What did I do?" I asked bewildered. "The one boy I actually love, you take him away! You better watch your back, Jessica. I know all about your little scam!" With that, Keli strutted off. Logan captured me into his arms tightly and kissed my head. "What did Keli do to you? Are you ok?" Logan checked me for cuts or bruises. "She just said to watch my back because I stole you away from her." I left out the "little" scam part. Logan closed his eyes painfully and sighed. "She is such a bi-" I cut him off with a look. Alexis and Megan walked over to us. "I still don't like you Logan." Megan said. "I was a stupid kid! I didn't think the dirt would hurt her!" Logan argued. "Whatever. Just tell them." Megan sighed. "Ok.. Keli is extremely mad. When we tried talking to her she mentioned something about Ryan and kicking ass." Alexis said. Logan turned away. "For once, I fell really sorry for you. Will Keli ever stop?" Megan said. Logan shrugged. "Well we have to go." Alexis and Megan walked off.
  2. ****Hannah R's POV**** I feel terrible for Logan. He has been feeling a little- excuse me- really terrible ever since Keli. Instead of happy, cute, goofy, and kinda loud Logan, but today he was sad, still really cute, silent, and pouty. I walked towards Logan's locker which he was sitting at. "Hey, Logan." I sat down next to him. Logan looked up and waved. "Come on, say something." I pleaded. Logan just pretended like he couldn't hear. "Fine I'll just leave." I was about to get up when Logan finally said something. "Don't leave me." He said really quietly. "Now what's wrong?" I asked. "I just wish I was never born. And I kinda miss Jessica." Logan looked down. "Why would you wish to never be born? I mean look at you! You look hot all the time! You have the 'perfect' girlfriend. And you have the best friends. Like Matthew Pickle and Matthew Hendricks." I said.
  3. I got a really small smile from Logan. "I wasn't always as good looking as I am right now." He said. I scoffed. "Come on. There is no way to just become as sexy as you are in less than 2 years." I said. "Well I changed my image when I realized that I really am a complete loser." Logan pulled out a really nerdy looking kid with amazingly deep green eyes. "Well your eyes look nice. Why don't you use clear contacts?" I asked. "I wanted to change everything about how I looked. So I got brown contacts." Logan explained. The bell rang. "I'll meet you later." Logan kissed my lips for about a second. He winked at me and walked to class. I texted Hannah B to meet me in the girls bathroom. After she came I sat her on the couches there (weird, right?). I screamed as loudly as I could. "It's ok.. Just let it out.." Hannah B said. I smiled widely. "OhmiGod!! He kissed me Hannah!" I yelled. We both screamed. "Omigosh, how was it like?" Hannah B smiled. "Well, It was only for about a second because he realized that he has a girlfriend. But his lips were so soft and sweet and it sent chills everywhere!" I explained. I then let out another scream. "But you need to remember that he has a girlfriend. Don't get on Jessica's bad side." Hannah B said. I smiled and said bye to go to class.
  4. ****Cameron's POV**** Why isn't daddy home? And who is this person who is watching the magic box with moving pictures and buttons? I threw my rattle at the lady. "Why are you here?" I tried saying. The lady smiled. "Aww. You are so cute trying to talk. But all you are really saying is 'Da! Da! Da! Pa!" The lady said. What is wrong with this lady. I am speaking perfect baby English but she doesn't understand! Whenever I talk to daddy, he understands perfectly. And I hate that girl daddy is what he calls "dating". She is so mean! She is just using him to become:"popular". I bet you can understand what I call baby English! While I was thinking, A girl and a boy and a girl came in. "They aren't here. Let's check Jessica's house." The boy said. I screamed as loud as I could. But then that lady put my bottle in my mouth. The boy and girl ran away. I took the bottle out of my mouth and sprayed the lady with it. "You b----! Now I have to change my dress!" The lady ran out of the house. I clapped and laughed. because the lady didn't come back.
  5. ***Jessica***** As I walked home with Logan, I thought about how life couldn't get any worse. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Logan said. "No.. You should stay." I said. Logan took my hand and walked into my house with me. When I opened the door. I saw two unpleasant sights.
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