How Much Does He Like You?

are you in love? are you ready to find out if your crush likes you back then plz take my quiz it isnt like any of those other quizes all the same does he stare at you la la la

Does he like you i mean really we all want to find out but with my quiz its acurate and its not like any other does he like you quiz mine is unique!!

Created by: Jelly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. has he said he likes you
  2. Has he ever looked into your eyes?
  3. Why do you like him?
  4. Is he dating someone?
  5. ( for ppl over 16 ) does he have a car?
  6. lets say you were going to be hit by a car and he is on the sidewalk he does...
  7. lets switch it up you were on the side walk he is going to be hit by a car ( be honest!!)
  8. what are his initals
  9. has he said he likes you
  10. Last question pick your fav
  11. which one would be his favorite

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