Does he like you as a friend or more?

Have you ever wanted to know if the guy you like, or just some random guys, has a crush on you? Does he stare at you or has he been over to your house? Do you think he likes you? Well you'll soon find out!

"Do you think Shawn likes me?" you ask your friend Lacy. "Sure!" Lacey says. Well now you can find out the real answer! I hope the answer is what you were looking for!

Created by: TT_Twin_Girl
  1. Do you talk to him?
  2. Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  3. Are you guys friends?
  4. Has he ever told you that you are pretty?
  5. Do you think he likes you?
  6. Do his friends talk about him around you?
  7. Have been invited to a party by him?
  8. Is he in any of your classes?
  9. Has he ever touched you? (hug, held hands, high five, etc.)
  10. Has he ever been to your house?
  11. Do you like him?
  12. Are you ready for your answer?

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