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Hiiii! My name is Madi and I’ve made this quiz because I want to be there for all of you! I want you guys to KNOW! I hope this quiz helps you in the future!! P.S the boy I liked touched my thigh and then squeezed it under the table at lunch a few weeks ago, it was kinda bothering me so I told my friend. I told her NOT TO TELL! ......... but she told went over and asked that boy that I liked if he touched my thigh and the boy just fricking lied and said he didn’t!!!!! So, now I am kinda embarrassed to go around him thanks to my friend😕 p.s. I still like him tho😊

Also, for the ppl who get 90%-100%, cool, and to the ppl who get 0%-10%, I’m sorry. Yah🙃🙃🙃...... So, just start the quiz now!!!!!!!!!!pls!!!!!

Created by: Madi

  1. Has he commented or liked any of your social media posts?
  2. Has he tried to touch you lately?
  3. Does he help you with things usually
  4. What kind of questions does he usually ask you?
  5. How does he act around you?
  6. How does he act with you around his friends
  7. When is the last time you’ve called or texted him?
  8. Does he copy what you do?
  9. Do his friends tease him about you?
  10. Does he tease you?

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