Witch love part 3

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Recap: So you are gettimg ready to walk out the door when you notice that there is a key and it looks pretty so you put it on. You go to school with your best friend Angel. When lunch time comes around 4 hot guys ask to sit with you, Austin, Jackson, Cameron, and Taylor. Then you have your next period with Austin. Some of the chemicals spill and set the table on fire. Austins hand goes through the fire and he does not even flinch. Also you think about putting out the fire and it happens.

You get a note from a dove saying to meet at the library from Austin, Jackson, Cameron, and Taylor. You get there and a bright light scares you but then you realize it is the guys. You get in the back of the truck and when you get there the outside looks super small but it is actually really big. You sleep and in the morning you are about to have a meeting

Created by: Maddie Hollywood

  1. "So" Jackson started explaining. "It all started in 4th grade. Same year you met Angel. Anyway our parents told us we were witches. At first we did not believe them but moments after there was a pain that me and Austin felt that was like being burned alive. When the pain was over we had a cool tattoo that was in the shape of a pentagram our back Austins is red with flames and mine is blue with waves and water.
  2. "When the pain was over my mom was crying and saying thank my lucky stars. She came up to us and said that we are not just ordinary witches we are mystics. We have to protect the elemental and the gates. Then she gave us both a key. Ours are silver. Later that week me and Austin stared training soon I was able to control water and Austin was able to control fire."
  3. One day me and my twin were messing around when we stumbled upon what looked like a portal with 5 slots jokingly we put our keys in and the portal actually opened. We jumped in and it was like a whole new world.
  4. "There were mermaids and fireflies (People with fire angel wings, lion legs, cat whiskers) angels, witches, and fairies everywhere. They all surrounded us and said that we were the guardians of the portal. Suddenly a really old dude came up to us and said that we were about to go on the journey of a lifetime, and would meet 3 people just like us that will unlock the full gate. Not to mention we look totally different. My hair turns red with brown stripes and my eyes get red and orange spots. It looks cooler than it sounds" Austin says. "No big whoop, I get blue stripes in my hair and my eyes become neon blue" Jackson interupts.
  5. "Why" you ask. "Simple" Cameron starts "We all have our elements. Mine is air, Austin's is fire, Jackson's is water, and Taylor's is earth." you ask "What does this have anything to do with me" you ask. "You are the elemental. The most important witch of all time." "Huh" you say. "I realized it when I saw the key around your neck." Then immediatly he retorts "not that I was starimg at your chest or anything." Everyone laughs then Cameron keeps going " you are the most powerful witch ever so powerful that you even have special powers in the real world. So do we but they are not as impressive as yours." "How do you get there" you ask. "There are secret portals everywhere, you just have to look for them" he says.
  6. "Anymore questions?" "Yeah actually 1st how did you know my dream room, second how does this big house fit into that small outside, is there a bad part because there is always a bad part, 5th do I have to live here now?" "The answer is we have your 2 best friemds help, 2nd magic it helps us stay hidden, yes there is a bad guy. His name is Ash. He wants to drain all of your power so he can rule all of the worlds. He can also become invisible amd has an army. 5th yes we have to start training in the morning" "Woah training" "Yes to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy."
  7. "That is a lot if information for one day. How about lunch" Austin says. "Me" everyone says in unison. You all go to your favorite restaraunt. Then go home and you watch your favorite show.
  8. Time forward: It is late at night and you see someone outside and it looks like Taylor. You go outside to ask him why he is outside. Apparently Angel has the same idea because she is walking outside with you.
  9. You tap "Taylor's" shoulder but it was not Taylor, it was the new girl. Suddenly two guys come out of nowhere and attack you and Angel. "Long time no see, Angel. Miss me" brown eyes said. Suddenly a streak of horror crosses her face. "Get away from me. HELP HELP PLEASE" but it is no use green eyes is already on top of you. He slams you on top of a sharp rock. Your arm starts bleeding.
  10. An unsuspecting CLIFFHANGER comes up and eats everyone. JK but seriously who do you like?

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