magic and boys part 21!

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Part 21! Yay! Sorry for taking so long on this one..-______- I've been at my friends house all week.But i'm at my house now and i got it done!!!!!!!!!

So i hope you like this one and i hope i got a lot of detail and stuff.Its kinda short cause i was running out of things and i didn't want to keep you guys waiting.

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. Your eyes flashed open.You were covered in sweat. "Wha?" You say and sat up. You were back in your bed room in the mansion. 'Was i dreaming?' You think. You got out of bed and opened the door.
  2. Cold air rushed torward you.You walked down the hallway. You looked down at your clothes.They were the same as in your "Dream".You walked down the stairs.
  3. You walked through the kitchen and sure enough there was glass on the floor. "What the?" You whisper. "You there!" A man yelled. You whirled around to face the man. "I thought we got rid of you." He says. It was the same man with the girl from earlier. 'How is this possible?!?' you though. "How did you escape? We had you locked up!" He shouted.
  4. "I don't know." You say and shivered. "Well,your not going to escape again!" He says and ran at you. Your eye's widend and you paniced.You put your hands out in front of you and he was flew into the wall. He fell to the ground.
  5. 'This is getting too weird' You thought and ran to the door. You ran out and dashed away from the house. You didn't know what to do or where you were going. You ran and ran. Finally you stoped and tried to calm your breathing.
  6. You thought of where the guys were. Then you were there. Like actually there! You looked around. "What the hell!?!?" You yelled. Josh looked at you. "How did you do that?!?" He shouted. You saw Fang stand up and walk behind Josh. You looked at Fang then back at Josh.
  7. You swallow and think about a distraction so Josh won't turn around.You picked up a knife. Josh looked at you. You smiled and tossed the knife at Fang. Josh cringed.
  8. Once Josh realized the knife didn't hit him it was too late.Fang Pushed the knife into Josh's neck and Josh fell to the ground. Alex,and Max were awake now.Dulcesita was walking behind them.
  9. Once you guys were all together you had a group hugs. "Well i think _________ has a new power." Says Fang. "I do?" You ask. Fang smiles. "Of course.You can teloport." He says. "Really?!? This is so cool!" You say. "Congradulations." Says Dulcesita. You smile. "Thanks." You say.
  10. "So,__________? Will you do the honor?" Asks Max and he holds out his hand. You nod and take his hand.Dulcesita grabed your arm,Fang held your other hand,and alex Grabed your other arm. You closed your eyes and concentrated on the house.
  11. Sorry its so short...-____- i'm trying to make these faster.Comment and rate!

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