Can you catch the villain in Scooby-doo?

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You have been invited to check out an old historic house which is being used as a tourist attraction. But some people have gone to the police in terror saying they have seen some sort of ghost like creature.

It is also terrifying the owners, especially the wife who is wanting to leave even though the house is expensive and they have owned it all their life. Can you find out who the ghost is, catch him and save everyone?

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. When you first get there it looks like a very nice, well kept mansion and you start to think you have come to the wrong place. Fred admires the huge mirrors they have up but then suggests you start to look around. Where?
  2. You soon get greeted by Mr and Mrs Richardson, they seem very scared of whats been happening and seem glad you're here. What do you say?
  3. They tell you the house is shut right now to visitors so you can look around, but will be open later. The people currently in this house are the maid, the cook and the tour guide.
  4. The ghost appears both when tourists are here AND when only we are here. There is nowhere it appears more than anywhere else. Would you like us to show you round?
  5. You go searching around for clues, it hasn't been long and Mrs Richardson comes running towards you screaming "get out!" Everyone gathers outside the house, as she says she saw the ghost. You say?
  6. The cook, the maid and the tour guide are all there. Mr Richardson comes running out, he says he didn't know what happened - he was in the toilet! The tour guide (a woman called Chrissie) takes you to the room it was seen and find a mobile phone.
  7. The phone is very expensive looking and has a decorative dollar design on it. Chrissie says the tourists who come here could be rich, she then walks off.
  8. You go through the only other door in the room and it leads to a kitchen!
  9. There is a laptop in the kitchen that is open and on a website about mansions. It probably belongs to the chef but you don't know for sure. The backdoor is unlocked.
  10. Outside the backdoor is a back yard area, there is nothing interesting. There is a car park nearby that is quite empty with the house being closed, but one car stands out, there is someone in it..
  11. Out of the car comes a young man looking quite angry, he says he The Richardson's son.
  12. He says his parents have enough to deal with, with a house this big without the ghost as well and hopes you can catch it, then he drives off in his fancy car. What should you do now?
  13. When the house re-opens and visitors are around, the ghost shows up, you follow it, how fast do you go?
  14. It thinks no one is watching and opens a laptop, you watch it and quietly discuss how to capture it.
  15. You decide to get some rope from the old curtains and sneak quietly around it, you manage to wrap it up and tie it - it is caught! At that moment a police officer runs in, he was alerted by the tourists, he introduces himself as Officer Karlton. He asks who you think the Ghost is?

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Quiz topic: Can I catch the villain in Scooby-doo?