What Super Paper Mario Villain Are You?

What super paper Mario villain are you? You could be a favorite, you could be any villain! MUAHHAHA, or HEEHEEHEE! or any kind of evil laughter! Remember, you are a villain!

The last question does not effect the answers. Anyway, all villains are different, and too bad Fawful isn't in the paper Mario series! Trust, me you'll be surprised which villain you are.

Created by: August Mitchell
  1. What is your best hobby?
  2. What things do you like?
  3. Where Do You Live?
  4. What is Your Favorite Food?
  5. Color?
  6. Occupation?
  7. What kind of music do you listen to?
  8. What is your goal?
  9. What is your personality?
  10. Are you excited fir your results? (NO EFFECT TO RESULTS!)

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Quiz topic: What Super Paper Mario Villain am I?