How much do you know about super mario?

This is a Mario trivia quiz. See how much you know about the super mario games for the nintendo and super nintendo and also mario 64. Are you a true mario fan find out now.

This mario trivia quiz consists of thirty one questions. Many quizzes out there are too short and are over with in only a few minutes. Enjoy and have fun.

Created by: Honeytoast
  1. What is the name of marios dinosaur friend?
  2. What accesory does Koopa wear besides a crown?
  3. What is king koopas first name?
  4. One of king koopas children is named...
  5. Koopas daughter wears what on top of her head?
  6. What part of New York are Mario and Luigi from?
  7. Who is marios enemy?
  8. What are the brown things called that are small and mushroom shaped with feet?
  9. What are the characters with shells that resemble turtles called?
  10. Which Mario game is Yoshi in?
  11. The super nintendo game where Yoshi is the main character and carries baby mario on his back is called?
  12. Princess peach is also called...
  13. In super mario world there are ( ) that you can ride on.
  14. Yoshis advantage is...
  15. Which nintendo and super nintendo games can mario get a feather to fly, and which one can he get a cape?
  16. Which mario does he pull radish out of the ground?
  17. Which mario and which level does the sun come from the sky and attack mario?
  18. Which mario game does koopa ride in a giant round flying object with propellers at the bottom?
  19. What is the name of the bombs mario throws?
  20. In super mario world what cant yoshi do?
  21. In mario 64 what does the monkey do to mario?
  22. Mario was created by what nationality of people?
  23. In yoshis island what animal does yoshi go inside the stomach of when he shrinks?
  24. What is usually the second level in mario? and what is usually the last?
  25. Koopa has...
  26. Which mario has a big blowfish with spikes?
  27. Which mario has a wizard that throws magic at you?
  28. Which mario game can you get a flute that is used to take you to another level?
  29. Can mario swim under water without it effecting his health?

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