Super Mario galaxy quiz

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Have you ever played super Mario galaxy?!? If not then go play it right now and then come back and take this quiz!!! Seriously I'll wait....I'm waiting.

Do you know super Mario galaxy?!?!?!? Do you know who the main character is?!?!?!?!? Wait you don't?!?!? It's in the title. MARIO galaxy hello!

Created by: Adam
  1. Which is a galaxy in the garden
  2. Battlerock is a galaxy in the
  3. Which is not a galaxy in the engine room
  4. What is honeyhives mirror image galaxy
  5. What is the first galaxy in the fountain
  6. Name of the comet observatory owner
  7. The main evil guy in the game
  8. What do you get at the end of a normal level
  9. Playable characters
  10. What is the highest jump
  11. Boss on 2level
  12. What boss repeats twice
  13. Bugaboom is on what galaxy
  14. This powerup let's you turn into boo How do you lose it unique from other powerups
  15. Your first encounter of spring Mario is on?galaxy

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