How unoriginal is your Villain?

There´s no story without villains. But most are so cliched and overused that it´s not fun. They are painful to get along with and hav predictable characteristics. Or they are just plain uninteresting

How about your villain? Is he unique in several ways? Or just another everyday bad guy you see in almost every nowadays media? Find out by checking your Villain´s originality.

Created by: The Dark Ness
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What does your villain look like?
  2. If your villain is female: What does she look like?
  3. What powers does your villain have?
  4. What is your villain´s motivation?
  5. What does your villain act like?
  6. Does your villain have companions or minions?
  7. If Yes: What are the minions or companions like?
  8. Does your villain have a past?
  9. If Yes: What does your villain´s past look like?
  10. Does your villain eventually turn good?
  11. If Yes: What makes him/her?
  12. Does your villain die?
  13. If Yes: Does your villain give a final speech? What does he/she say?
  14. If you answered question No. 14 with Yes: How does your villain die?
  15. If you answered question No. 14 with Yes: Does your villain shout "NOOOO!" or scream in agony before dying?
  16. If you answered question No. 14 with Yes: Does your villain try a final attempt to kill the protagonists?

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Quiz topic: How unoriginal is my Villain?