How Well Do You Know Scooby Doo?

You think you know Scooby Doo? You think you understand the way he operates and thinks on a daily basis? Test your trivia while taking this short but in depth quiz about the big dog himself and his pals.

This quiz has 15 questions; all of course, devoted to the show. There are various questions involving dress and catch phrases. There's also a short true false section. Good luck everyone.

Created by: Courtnie
  1. Whats the type of automobile the gang rides around in?
  2. Whats the name of the gangs business?
  3. Who in the group is dating?
  4. Finish this sentence I'll do it for a
  5. Who's catch phrase is like zoinks scoob?
  6. When the gang goes in the opposite directions, whos paired with Velma?
  7. What color is Scooby's collar?
  8. Who takes the leader part of the group?
  9. Wat color is Daphne's dress?
  10. Who always dropped there glasses?
  11. Who's catch phrase is jinkies?
  12. True or false. Scooby has black spots on his back.
  13. True or false Scooby and Shaggy are the brave ones
  14. Who bribes Scooby and sometimes Shaggy with scooby snacks?
  15. last question. Who's the one with the cute laugh?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Scooby Doo?