Which Extremist Are You?

Today, you probably hear a lot about political extremism. If you watch any sort of news, you hear about some sort of extremist blowing something up on a daily basis. If you are a student, you probably know at least one person in a black hoodie who draws the anarchist "A" on many of his or her items. The fact is, we've all been exposed to political extremism, but most of us rarely look past the stereotypes surrounding unpopular beliefs.

Are you an extremist? Have you even considered the idea that some extreme systems of thought may be valid? And if you think not, maybe you still resemble one of these philosophers? You could consider these questions. Or, you could quickly select a pre-written answer for a short series of somewhat related queries and have this nifty quiz enlighten you!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. First off, let me acknowledge that while each of the extremist philosophies discussed by this quiz probably are not embraced by most quiz-takers, they are all legitimate beliefs and I will attempt not to offend anyone.
  2. Which of the following appeals to you most?
  3. The United States of America is:
  4. I say potato, you say:
  5. The vast corporate conspiracy is...
  6. Which could best fix the issues of the common man?
  7. Why are most people fools?
  8. Finish this statement: I think ___ is a pretty cool guy. He kills ___ and isn't afraid of anything.
  9. Ultimately, he who holds authority...
  10. The overall goal of your extremist party is...

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Quiz topic: Which Extremist am I?