How good are you at school?

Lala how well did you do in school? Oh oh! Here's a funny song: Scooby dooby doo took a poo it looked liiiiike a brownie. Shaggy took a bite, Turned all white, and that's the eeeennnddd of shaggy!

Scooby dooby doo took a poo... it looked liiikkee some candy. Velma ate it all, grew some balls, and that's the eennnddd of Velma. Scooby dooby doo took a poo It looked liiikkeee cake. He ate it like a hog, cuz he's a dog, and that's the ennddd of that lazy log.

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. How much do you like school? Doesn't affect your result because it's an opinion.
  2. Your favorite subject? (also doesn't count)
  3. How often do you have a pencil?
  4. Your locker quality?
  5. Where is your phone during class?
  6. Math grade?
  7. LA grade?
  8. Social studies grade?
  9. And science grade?
  10. When do you stay home from school?
  11. When do you go to the bathroom?
  12. What are you like during a lesson?
  13. If the teacher calls on you are you ready to answer?
  14. What do you most often get in trouble for? If none, then skip this question.
  15. Have you ever made the honor role?
  16. What about the DISTINGUISHED honor role?
  17. What are you like in art?
  18. Are you fit?
  19. You have to do a 10-minute report in front of the class with props and slide shows or whatever else you may need. How do you feel?
  20. How many times have you forgot to wear sneakers during gym/Phys. Ed. ...whatever.
  21. What of the teacher's stuff do you use up most?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at school?