Does Your Crush Like You?

Does your crush like you too? Not many people know, maybe you don't too? Come on, you know you want to figure it out... Let's see if he really does like you.

Think your crush is crushing on you? Take this quiz to figure that BIG question out! Good luck. This quiz is meant for girls. Hope this was fun and helpful.

Created by: Juliana
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  1. Does he flirt with you? Such as... Make you laugh, hang out with you as hard as possible, ignore his friends to get your attention?
  2. Are you friends with his friends? DO you guys ever joke around? Even when your crush isn't around.
  3. Does he ever call you mean names, or taunt you?
  4. Have you ever caught him staring at you?
  5. Has he ever touched you?
  6. Has he ever did something cute? Which one?
  7. Has he ever complimented you? Like, I like your shirt (your name) something you don't hear out of a boy, only a girl.
  8. Has he ever picked you as a partner for anything? What did he say?
  9. Has he asked you to a party, ever?
  10. Has he ever made you feel bad?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You?