Does your crush like you? (Accurate)

Hi my name's Landrie and I've been studying love for years and I have never failed anyone who has asked me their questions about love. This is a very accurate quiz and I hope you get the answer you were wanting.

Is your crush really into you? Do you want to know? I can help you. Love is a hard thing to determine if it's there or not. I will help you. GOODBYE YA'LL

Created by: Landrie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hello. I'm Landrie. I have been studying love for several years and I have been helping people with their questions and solving problems. This is a very accurate quiz.
  2. Do you find them staring at you often?
  3. Do they look into your eyes when talking to you?
  4. Do they blush when you compliment them? (if you do)
  5. Are you friends?
  6. Do you think he does? (doesn't affect answers)
  7. Do they show off in front of you?
  8. Do they flirt with you? (touching you, talking to you ALOT, etc.)
  9. Have you ever dated them?
  10. Will you rate and follow me? I hope you get the result you were looking for.

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (Accurate)