One Direction- love is in the air part 1

This is my first story/quiz. I really hope you guys all like it. If you do, I will make more! Or if not, hey at least I know one thing I'm not good at!

Anyways__________ means put your name in or a name you really like, doesn't matter to me. I gotta go now so I have to hurry and type so tra la la lee lee lee

Created by: Onedirectioner82

  1. You sigh as you sit at your family's mahogany dining table, feeding your little brother, who is 11 months old. He has gotten more on himself than in his mouth, and you are getting really frustrated. Suddenly, your samsung intensity 2 starts ringing, and you set the spoon full of puree carrots on the high chair. It's your best friend, Kyley. " You'll never BELIEVE what I got you for your birthday!" she screams in your ear.
  2. You were used to Kyley being so loud, so you answer calmly, "What?" this seems to calm her down a little. " I got you... 2 ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!" " NO WAY!" you scream in her ear! " Ow, ______ you screamed in my ear!" You ignore this, and say " how did you get them? They sell 140,000 tickets in, like, 4 minutes!" " I am not done yet! I also got you... BACKSTAGE PASSES!"
  3. " So who are you going to take?" Kyley asks you, in a pleading sort of way." " I think I'm going to take my little brother. He likes that kind of stuff." you answer back, teasing. "_________, really?" "Of course I'm going to take you Kyley, I owe you one. And besides, why would you even believe I would take Bode? I would have to leave halfway through anyways." " Oh_______, you are the most amazing friend ever!" You smiled. Her dream was to meet Harry Styles and sing with him, and she had the most amazing voice ever.
  4. " Should I ask Harry to sing with me, or should i wait till he asks because after he does...___________!" " What?" ' Were you even listening to a word I said?" "No. But anyways, when is this, exactly?" "Tomorrow. At the Presley Event center, at 5:00." "What? That early? and you didn't tell me?" Then, of course, your baby brother started crying because he had puree carrot all over himself... Oops. " Kyley, I gotta go. Pick me up around 4:00?" " Gotcha. See ya later,_________"
  5. Cliffhanger! Sorry guys but I am going to end it there. You guys can skip the rest or do them, I don't care :)
  6. I don't like how we have to do 12 questions ;/
  7. You're insecure, don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door
  8. So what you guys been up to?
  9. 1 more question!
  10. Rate and comment? Do you think I should write more?

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