How Well do You Know One Direction

There are many people out there who love the British-Irish boyband One Direction. But only some are TRUE Directioners. There are many qualities Directioners need. Do you have the quality of One Direction knowledge??

Are you a true Directioner??? Do you have what it takes to go through a series of random unpredictable questions that only the most devoted Directioners know the answers to. Are you a devoted Directioner??? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: IDK
  1. Who is the oldest member of the band???
  2. How was Zayn's name originally spelled?
  3. What are Louis' favorite sports?
  4. What is Harry's favorite drink???
  5. What is Liam's favorite food type??
  6. What is Niall's favorite male musical artist??
  7. What is Zayn's middle name??
  8. What Instrument does Louis play????
  9. What was Liam's first girlfriend's name???
  10. What is Harry's Favorite Color??
  11. What is Niall's favorite TV Show??
  12. What is Zayn's Favorite Song??
  13. Who is Liam's Celebrity Crush?
  14. How many Siblings does Louis have??
  15. What is Niall's star sign??
  16. What is Zayn's favorite Video Game?

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