How much do you know about One Direction?

Okay, I don't even know what to write here... All I can say is that if you want to know hom much you know about One Directon, do this quiz! NOT ANY OTHER QUIZ!

Do you know anything at all about the British/Irish boyband who has taken over the world? Well find it out here! I mean RIGHT HERE! ON THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Emilia
  1. In which TV program were they put together into a band?
  2. Which year were they put together?
  3. Which bandmember comes from Ireland?
  4. What's their first album called?
  5. Someone has Toy Story as favorite movie, who?
  6. We have different bromances in this fandom, and one of them is shipped as gay very seriously. Which one?
  7. What's Louis Tomlinson's middle name?
  8. What's their drummer called?
  9. One of them is getting married with Perrie from Little Mix, who?
  10. In one of their video diarys Louis Tomlinson said he like girls who eat ...?
  11. Their song Little Things from the album Take Me Home were written (at least partly written) by another artist, who?
  12. Their first song performed together as a band?
  13. Someone in the band is known for dating older women, who?
  14. Harry Styles performed what song on his audition?
  15. What's the fans of the fandom called?
  16. What's their stylist kid called?
  17. The first tweet one of them tweeted was to Justin Bieber, who tweeted it?
  18. Who is the youngest in the band?
  19. One of them can speak good spanish, who?
  20. The fandom crashed VEVO when they tried to beat Miley Cyrus' Wreckingball 24h record. Which video did we try to beat it with? (Wrecking ball broke the record that we had before)
  21. Who had braces and a crooked tooth?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about One Direction?