How well do you know one direction?

One direction is a big influence on the world. The got third place in the x factor but they bounced back and made it to number one on the charts. The real question is.... How well do YOU know them? You may know them really well or not know them at all. Either way i wish you luck

Are you a directioner or directionator? Directioners are people who love and worship one direction. Directionators are people who hate one direction or dont know enough info about them or they dont know anything at all. A lot of girls obsess over them and want to physically meet them. Millions of people attend concerts and tours. So good luck and find out how much you know about them.

Created by: Jenni
  1. What are the boys names?
  2. Where are the boys from?
  3. What was there first album name?
  4. What about their second album?
  5. Okay now their third album
  6. What are their favorite colors?
  7. What was their first song called?
  8. Who is kevin?
  9. How many tours have they done?
  10. Are they going to do a tour called This Is Us?
  11. last question. Which member likes carrots?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know one direction?