Which xfactor winner are you?

Its toke great britain and beyond by storm, its got millions of viewers tuning in every Saturday and has either created potiential celebs....or forgotten wannabes, welcome to the controersial world of the x factor!

One thing may be for sure: It has one lucky winner with the golden oppertunitie to become a album making, global superstar every year: so which known winner of the xfactor would you be? Would you pop up on the radio constantly like Alex or fail to show your face in the charts like Poor shane? Well thanks to this easy quiz, you'll effortlessly find out in mere minutes! :)

Created by: Phoebe Hobbs.
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your mates would discribe you as?:
  2. Speaking of mates, one of them stops by your house one night, drunk...badly drunk and asking for more. how do you react?
  3. There's a local singing contest and you've applied to enter round one, what dance moves do you do while singing your audition song?
  4. Your vocal voice has been discribed as?
  5. You ask your crush out.....he/she rejects you....how do you react?
  6. How random are you?
  7. If you were a colour what would you be?
  8. Your at the cinema with your partner and he/she falls asleep half way through and people complain about him snoring, mortifying you in front of everyone! What d you do?
  9. Your reaction makes the others forgive you and your partner but your now both banned from the cinema, your feelings?
  10. Now for our final question (well more of a goodbye) thank you for taking this quiz, please comment and rate.... :)

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Quiz topic: Which xfactor winner am I?