Naruto boy love

There are many strong ninjas, but one is the true genius, the true winner.Neji Hyuuga is the most strong guy from Konoha, and he isn't a looser, an idiot.I love him verry much :X:X

Do you think is easy to be strong?To win? Oh no.. needs hard working, a lot of hard working. Nobody wants to lose, but is a single winner, and hi is Neji Hyuuga

Created by: Hyuuga

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color is most like your guys personality?
  2. If your guy see you talking with another boy..
  3. Where he takes you on a date?
  4. What is it you like about him?
  5. If your guy was an animal, which would he be?
  6. Your guy are under attack by some unknown ninja, what happens?
  7. You guys are his house...what happens?
  8. Which is he likely to say?
  9. What is his greatest defect?
  10. How you describe him?
  11. His tehnique is..

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