What kind of lottery winner will you be?

Do you like playing the lottery? What do you plan to do if you win? What type of person are you? Will your money go to your head? Will you wind up in the pages of some scandal sheet?

This quiz reveals five types of lottery winner. Which one are you? Take this quiz today and find out. Then think about your results. Do you like the person you might become?

Created by: iansValkyrie
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  1. If you had a million dollars to spend, what would you buy first?
  2. Will you give money to any person or cause?
  3. Where will you move?
  4. What will you use for transportation?
  5. Will you hire any help?
  6. Will you hire a publicist?
  7. You are asked to appear on Oprah. What will you discuss?
  8. An old friend sees you at the premiere of the latest movie. She seems sad. When you ask about it, she tells you of a myriad of woes, some of which could be eradicated by a quick infusion of cash. She doesn't ask outright, but you know she'd like the help.
  9. With whom will you share your millions?
  10. Will you set up any trusts for after you die, to carry on your work?

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Quiz topic: What kind of lottery winner will I be?