The Lottery Quiz

I like to have something other than a book to study from, so i made this quiz to help anyone who needs a little help studying for their Reading/ English test on the short story The Lottery.

Can you get a 11/11? You have to pay very close attention to the only comment i made on the questions, though. Otherwise you should know the answer bacause you are a SUPER GENIUS!

Created by: Abigail

  1. How many people lived in the village where the story took place?
  2. What time of year did the story take place?
  3. Who was Mr. Summers?
  4. Who was Old Man Warner?
  5. What objects were used to conduct the lottery?
  6. In the first round of the lottery, who participated?
  7. In the second round of the lottery, who participated?
  8. Who WON the lottery?
  9. What happened to the WINNER of the lottery?
  10. One example of how the ending of the story was forshadowed is:
  11. Bonus Question: I said the date before in the ONLY comment on the questinos. What was that date?

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