are you ok with goldiggers?

gold diggers, trophy wives what ever you call them they seem to have won the lottery when it come to men. or are they evil, evil people with no morals? find out what you think because you have no idea until you take this quiz.

how tolerant are you? how materialistic are you? how tolarant are you of materialistic people? this quiz will tell you. take it, retake it. post it on your web page and make your friends take it and do the same thing.

Created by: Kitdey of kitdey's myspace
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  1. what would you say to someone you know was a homewrecker?
  2. if you were a hot sexy woman would you be a stripper?
  3. if you had the opportunity of having a guaranteed comfortable life as a house wife would you take it? (just pretend you are female for the moment if you are not actually female at the moment)
  4. are men evil?
  5. would you like the opportunity to get paid for being yourself?
  6. is money very important to happiness in your life?
  7. are women inherently evil
  8. is it ok to marry someone cause they are rich
  9. if you were a very sucessful man who had spent his life wifeless and childless, building his career and finally wanted a beautiful wife would you be justified in choosing her for her ability to impress your friends?
  10. if you were a very beautiful woman with talents that were all geared toward pleasuring and entertaining rich men, but did not particularly want to flat out become a prostitiue would you be justified in seeking a rich man to marry instead of a job as a stripper or something of that nature?

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Quiz topic: Am I ok with goldiggers?