A one direction love story part 4

Hey y'all! So I was going to make this part about Louis but sadly... Change of plans! I decided that I need to wait for that because I had to have more

Liam! And besides, it's not like I'm not going to make the Louis quiz! Any who! I hope you enjoy the quiz and I wanted to say thanks for commenting such great feedback! Love ya! ;)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. Okay so believe it or not there actually is some important news up in the above paragraphs! Anyways, I wanna say thanks to Midnight Ninja for the great idea of having a part for each guy! I think I will try that! Anyways this one will be about Louis... In the end! I need to make a Liam part that will only last like 2 questions. But he will still have his own part, so don't worry you Liam fans! ;)
  2. **Re-cap** Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis all confessed their love for you! And Louis even asked you on a date ;). Your guys' plan also worked!
  3. "were you spying on us?" you ask the boys. "No, we were... Looking for for Niall's pants." Liam says. "oh look! we found them!" Harry says pointing to Niall then running down stairs. Niall, Liam, and Zayn follow behind Harry.
  4. You and Louis then chase then down the stairs about 30 seconds later. But when you get down there, you can't find them! After about two minutes of looking for them you give up. "they aren't ever going to come out." you say looking sad. "I've got a plan." Louis whispers. Then he take your hand and you go into the kitchen. Louis starts cooking some pasta and almost immediantly Niall comes zooming into the kitchen. Not long after the other boys come in.
  5. Everyone is silent as we eat, which is strange for once. "so." you say. "how's life?" everyone just starts laughing because that was an awkward thing to say. Then it gets quiet again.
  6. "why isn't anybody talking?" you ask. Suddenly Liam gets up and goes into the kitchen. "did I do something wrong?" you ask. "he's just mad." Harry says as if it's nothing. You get up and walk into the kitchen. Liam is washing his plate, making sure not to make eye-contact. "Liam, are you okay?" you ask. There's no answer.
  7. You walk over to him and turn him around to face you. "Liam, please just tell me what's going on." you say. "this." he says as he leans I and kisses you. He pulls away and 5 seconds later Zayn walks in and you two act like you were washing dishes. He gives Liam his plate and walks out. After he's long gone you and Liam both start cracking up. You give him a kiss on the cheek then decide to go see the other boys.
  8. You walk out and see all the boys sitting down in a circle. "hey guys. Whatcha doing?" "truth or dare! Wanna join?" Niall asks. "sure!" you reply.
  9. "whose turn is it?" You ask. "I think it was... Zayn!" Louis says. "alright. Harry truth or dare?" Zayn asks Harry. "Dare, of course!"
  10. "I dare you to... Lick the bottom of ______'s shoe." Zayn says. "okay." Harry says. He gets up and grabs a pair of shoes that are obviously yours and licks it without a doubt. "yum." Harry says.
  11. Cliffhanger!!! Okay so bad cliffhanger but I have been sooo busy lately! And it just keeps getting busier as the summer goes on! I am going to Montana in two days and I'm not sure if I will be able to write them there. But... I have a plan! I will type them in my notes THEN I will add like 3 parts at once which will make you happy happy! Anyways this was supposed to be a Louis quiz but it won't be because I had to much other stuff to do before that! His will be in the part after the next part! Thanks for reading bye! :)

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