One Direction Love Story Pt. 4

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They say, the fun always happens backstage. Let's test their theory! What do you get if you combined, yourself, a closed room, one direction and your best friend? I don't know but I do know that equals a new release!

They're the hottest boy band of 2012! They're British. They're young. There's Five of them! Five times the fun! Now, how would you react if I told you that one day you fell into One Direction's hotel room and suddenly from that point, a new life with them has been made?

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  1. When I opened the door, I was disappointed that one of the boys didn't answer but it was fine when I saw them sitting on sofas inside. They saw me and their faces filled with smiles, I must be dreaming if One Direction is actually happy to see ME. They all came up one by one to hug me, when Harry released he held my arms and smiled as he SLOWLY, yes, SLOWLY walked away. Cam was nearly about to faint until I caught her "Oh, this is my friend, Cam. It's short for Camellia." "Don't tell them that!" She angrily whispered but Louis smiled "That's a lovely name." Cam let out a girlish laugh that we usually mocked. "She was with me at the Hotel but she wasn't so lucky." I gave an uneasy laugh because I could feel Cam's eyes on me but it was her fault for not believing in me. "You should have stayed together. We had a great time!" Liam smiled.
  2. "Well, hopefully, we ALL can have a great time right NOW!" Cam made an obviously declarative statement but thankfully, they all thought her idea was brilliant. I wasn't surprised; whenever it came to her and guys, they fawned over her and I would always be cast in her shadows. Cam made her way to sit beside Louis and Zayn, she felt comfortable but for me; I wasn't quite there yet even if I spent more time with them. I stood at the back behind Niall and Liam when Harry came up from behind "Did you have a good time tonight?" He asked out of the blue and startled me; I jumped and smiled "Yeah, I did. You guys were amazing, not that you guys aren't always amazing, I mean, every time you perform you're amazing. I mean, wait, you get what I'm saying right?" Yup, I was still nervous. Harry gave a one-sided smiled and laughed "I do. Thanks, it really means a lot and by the way, we're not going to eat you." "______, I'm going to eat you if you don't hand me my sandwich on the table, over there." Niall blurted out and pointed, HE was definitely comfortable.
  3. My eyes widen and Harry groaned, Harry did what Niall asked me to do and apologized. I brushed it off immediately "Don't worry; I get those cannibalism comments from Cam every day." Harry smiled and I was relieved, I thought he was going to take me literal. "Hey, do you guys want to play a game while you're here and maybe, since tomorrow is our day off. Spend the day together?" Louis announced, the boys were fine with it and Cam instantly agreed, I looked at the boys "Only if you're okay with it. I mean the press and all..." Liam turned around and smiled "_____, its fine. We WANT to hang out with you." Liam's gentle smile made everything better. "If you say so." I smiled but I knew from every tabloid, whenever a celebrity dated a fan, or hung out with one; the result was a disaster and ruined the fans life forever. "So, what game do you want to play?" I asked as I patted the sofa. "Twister!" Louis smiled and laughed, Harry blurted out a laugh and walked away, Zayn made a face showing his fear while Liam and Niall were laughing hysterical in their seats.
  4. Cam smiled and thought that was a great idea. I agreed as I saw no harm to it, Louis brought out the game while Zayn and Niall moved the coffee table that was in the middle of the room to the side so they could place the twister mat on the floor. He brought out the spinner and Zayn automatically nominated himself to spin "You don't want to play?" I asked him as I took off my shoes sitting on the couch beside Niall. "Never play with Niall when he had 3 helping of nando's and his butt is in your face." Zayn said miserably, there were snickers and giggles heard from the boys. I turned to Niall who claimed "I'm nando-free!" He smiled as he took off his other shoe. You gave a small laugh and Liam was the first one to stand in his socks "Okay, I'll go first!" Zayn spun the spinner, "Right hand, green"
  5. We played the game till it was just me, Louis and Liam. Niall kept laughing till he lost his balance and brought Cam down with him, which she didn't mind. Harry wasn't as flexible and lost his position shortly after. "Zayn, hurry up!" Liam groaned as his right arm was over me, left hand awkwardly between his legs and his legs two spaces apart. Louis ended with an easy break dancer pose and I had a simple yet awkward crab like pose as I was under Liam. "Alright, alright" Zayn yelled with a laugh and spun the spinner, "Left hand, blue." Awkward and lucky were the first two words that popped in my head. That spot was right beside me and it made it seem as if Liam had his arms around me. He looked down on me and smiled "Hey. Sorry about this." I couldn't speak, I was flustered. As I looked into his deep brown eyes, I couldn't help thinking how close we are. I shook my head violently, I couldn't be thinking about that now! I opened my eyes and saw Liam gave me a weird look but it changed into a soft smile. I wasn't paying attention to the atmosphere but I guessed everyone was staring at us. Cam winked as she moved slightly closer to Niall who had his tongue rubbing against the inside of his cheek, Harry had a strange emotion that I really couldn't figure out, Zayn was trying to cover his smile and Louis was annoyed that it was taking so long. "HURRY UP!" He yelled out which helped everyone come back to their senses.
  6. As Zayn spun the spinner, I couldn't look anywhere else. If I did, it would be awkward, if I didn't, it would be awkward; I lose either way. "______," Zayn said my name with the sweetest tone, I lean my head back to look at him and he's sitting what appears to me as the ceiling. "Right hand, yellow." He said. Seriously Zayn? That's right in between Liam's legs. If I were to move, I would have to go closer to Liam's face just to stay in the game. "Uhm..." Liam looked down and saw where the spot was and looked over at my facial reaction. He made a face. He's super sweet but I don't like winning unfairly; he acted as if his left hand was cramping as he shook it making it become unbalanced. Liam fell on his elbow accidentally taking Louis down, who was groaning to his lost. "_____ wins!" Niall stood up and cheered with his arms out in the air. I blinked hard and turned my head to face Liam who stood up holding his left elbow with a smile.
  7. I fell on my back and let my joints relaxed; Zayn walked over to me and extended his hand out towards me. "You were great!" He smiled. I didn't take his hand at first because I was too tired to move but he knelt down on one knee so it wouldn't hurt as much getting up. "Can you stand?" He asked as he held me in his arms, his left hand on my back and I could smell his cologne; it was Gucci by Gucci, which I knew from his twitter, was the cologne he used constantly. "Yeah, I can. Don't worry about it." I said as I pushed my body up with the help of Zayn, as I was fully on my feet, I realized how close we were and obviously enough, I shyly turned away. "So, what now?" I asked as I placed my hands into my pocket. Louis grumbled as he put away the Twister mat but like everyone had no clue what to do. "What time is it?" Zayn asked, Niall looked at his watch and said it was 11:23pm. Cam swore and I knew what she meant, if we didn't leave now, we'd miss curfew and be under total lockdown. The boys looked at us and Cam showed the most emotion as she was in despair but on the inside, I was falling apart. "We have to go now..." I mumbled but loud enough for all the boys to hear.
  8. "Can we at least drop you home this time?" Harry asked as he stood beside Zayn, Cam noted Harry's words "this time" and gave me a look. "I really don't want to be a bother..." I said as I bit my lip and looked at the boys, they all were fine with it. Louis especially as he recovered from his accidental loss. "Thank you." I smiled brightly. We had to sneak out because there were still some fans trying to get a peek at the boys. "Do you always do this?" Cam said excited, I was worried that the boys will make a headline for escorting us home. "Yeah, we usually just hop into the bus as soon as a concert ends." Liam explained. We headed to a large driveway where a tour bus was waiting for us. The bus driver opened the door and Liam explained the situation, the driver had no problem with it. "Ladies first." Harry smiled as he extended his hand out towards me, I was shy to take it but I mean, if I can grab Zayn's hand, I can grab Harry's hand. I took Harry's hand and it was softer than I expected. He gestured me to the bus and when I passed by him, I could hear a faint sweet chuckle escape his lips. Inside the tour bus was amazing, there were five beds in the back, a couch, a TV and a table. If this was my school bus, I wouldn't mind going to school.
  9. Once everyone was on board, I was still looking around amazed. I walked over to the beds that were right against the wall and appeared as shelves. Harry walked over to me and rested his arm against the wall, "Do you like it?" He asked as he pulled away the curls from his face, I turned around and smiled. "I wouldn't mind getting rides from you guys, if that means anything." I said. Harry smiled and I was relieved he took that in a good way. "It's better than sitting with a numb bum." "That's for sure!" Before one of us could continue after that, the bus started and anyone who was standing up lost their balance. I fell in Harry's arms with my head buried in his chest. "Everyone alright?" The bus driver asked as he looked into the rear view mirror. Everyone was sitting except for me and Harry. I lift my head and pulled away from Harry. "I'm...I'm sorry, I'll...I'll just go take my seat now." I said flustered. I left before Harry could say anything and sat beside Cam and stayed quiet for the rest of the ride home. I looked over at Harry who had an emotion where I couldn't tell if he was content or depressed. He whispered something in Louis' ear which in response, Louis patted him on the back and said "Cheer up." Did I do something wrong?
  10. Now, I remember. I did do something wrong. I read a story, written by this girl, it was a fan fiction for her friend; it was called Serendipity (I actually wrote that story, so everything you're about to read is real. Haha!) It was about Harry who meets this girl; he practically falls in love with the first time he looks at her. He tried everything he could to be with her, he waited at the spot where they first met for two weeks and by accident, he found her again waiting for coffee. He wanted to ask her out but when he did, the girl did not respond for a week because she thought it was a joke, a girl like her could never be asked by Harry Styles. It was written in Harry's point of view and I remember crying at this point in the story, "I felt as if at any moment, I was about to cry. Why? Simply because I fell for her harder than expected and as I open my eyes to reality, I saw that she could never feel the same way I do for her. She probably does but that's with Harry Styles of One Direction. Not Harry Styles, the real me." (Serendipity, 7) Maybe, I should start treating Harry as Harry Styles, not a celebrity. I mean, he's a normal guy. But I still don't see how he could ever fall for me.
  11. While I was sitting, I looked at the boys. I wanted to change how I am around them; I wanted to be their friend. Why is it so hard for me to do that? I mean, this isn't the first time, I met them. The bus came to a gentle stop and disrupted my thoughts, I looked out the window and I realized Cam already left. It was just me and the boys now. "Thanks." I said with a smile but I couldn't help but to beat myself up, the boys waved and smiled; Harry being the gentlest. As I stepped out into the dark cold streets, my house illuminated. I was about to leave when a hand was placed on my shoulder, when I turned around they were all there. "What time should we pick you up tomorrow?" I looked at them with an odd expression to Louis' words. "Pick me up?" "You thought we were joking about spending more time with you? You're brilliant!" Niall smiled which brought up my thoughts. "Uh, I don't know? 1 o'clock?" I shrugged and they nodded. "Well, good night." I said thinking it was the end but it wasn't. "Is that how you Americans say Good Night?" Louis protested one more time, I turned around and before I knew it, their arms wrapped around me. Louis was the first to let go, followed by Niall then Zayn then Liam. Harry was the last one to let go, I looked at him in the eyes and I felt as if he also read "Serendipity". "I'm sorry." He blurted out "That I'm not good at making this comfortable." With that, he left. I'm sorry too, Harry. That I'm not trying hard enough. Tomorrow is another day and tomorrow, I made a date with One Direction.
  12. Hey Directioners! Sorry about this delay. I was really busy with school and etc but I managed to finally get this release out! I recently went to the One Direction Concert which was the best thing in the world! Everyone sings along which made the boys super happy! Anyways, as I digress, I hope you enjoyed this release! I'm working on Pt 5 as we speak but if you're also a fan of the Hunger Games, watch out for Life in the Hunger Games Pt. 3 coming soon! And for those of you who want to keep reliving the magic, all you Harry Potter fans, check out my first series ever written; Hogwarts Love Story! Thank you guys for your massive support (I've adopted a British accent, I really don't know why.) and I'll see you next time! x

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