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There are people on my street feeling down and depressed this week. I hate seeing it! So, I made a quiz to shake and rumble out all of my feelings of what I think of it.

Um, anyway....background info, my GOTOQUIZ account is BookPony672, i didn't link this quiz wit My Account Because I just want actual quizzes linked....anyway....yeah :)

Created by: BookPony672

  1. I'm BookPony672 on GTQ. I didn't link my account because I want actual quizzes to be linked to my account, not announcements like this. Just to tell ya :D
  2. idk why I'm making this, but probably because I hate seeing other people depressed or down. Let's talk about today. I kept seeing people's smiles turned upside-down and their heads hung down. And I ask myself, "Why? What's wrong with them?" and I find out and then I come to a conclusion that...
  3. can't change the past. You have to deal with it and move on. For example, today my friends sister died. It was a hard time trying to comfort her because her sister was apparently a really close friend to her. And you know what I did? I told her, "Listen, sugarcube (lol haha), you can't change the past. It's time to leave the past as the past." Not exactly comforting, but what I'm TRYING to say is, when a loved one dies, you need to move on and accept that they're really dead, roaming around in a new place called HEAVEN. Think about it: Would you rather let your loved one live on an earth with everyday dangers and conflicts rather than have a peaceful life in a place called heaven?
  4. After experiencing a fight yesterday with my two best friends, I have learnt a lot of things. In a friendship, you can't be selfish for a start. Being in a friendship is about give and take. You need to do more give than take. I heard of those quote before, "You don't make earn them!". Seriously, making friends is ONE thing, the next is earning them. Oh, and another thing, don't break promises or give secrets of your friend. Losing a friend is easier than making one. You could lose a friend forever... it's true. I've just learnt that today. But on the other hand, you can't really hold a grudge forever, and sometimes you just have to let it go and from the last one, the past is the past, learn how to leave it behind.
  5. Speaking about holding grudges... do YOU ever hold a grudge about someone? Well, put it this way. Holding a grudge over a fight with someone is like your pulling onto a hard, tacky rope. The more you pull, the more your hands get blisters. That's how holding a grudge is like. The more you hold a grudge, the more pain and suffering you will experience. Get me? That's why we should all learn to leave the past behind.
  6. Moving on... I just want to say that allowing one or two things spoil your day should not be let past. That b---- says your ugly? Walk away with your head held high and never look back. You didn't make it in the football team because your coach hates you? Find another team and tell yourself over and over again that you're good I'm sure you're all beautiful and .talented people on here. Letting someone insult you is like allowing them to trespass your house without permission. Growing thicker skin is an advantage of not caring what others think of you. Why does it matter of what others think of you? The only thing that matters is that what YOU think of YOU!
  7. Another thing I encountered today was some kid in the neighborhood cutting himself. No, he's not the stereotypical emo, he's a nice, smart kid but he's been cutting himself a lot because he's...well, DUH, depressed! I heard he even thought about committing suicide. Well, that's pretty harsh, if you ask me. There are so many reasons not to commit suicide!! I can name one of them, which is you have so much more to live for!! What are your family? and friends??? DON'T say that you weren't supposed to be born!! That's letting YOURSELF down.
  8. I'm not going to list every single problem I've encountered this week, because there are quite a few, but the solution to all your problems? IS TO LAUGH~
  9. Seriously, laughter is the best medicine. Not just for medical issues, but for any other issue in the world as well! Laughing makes you feel better. Smiling doesn't take much work, nor does it give you any in return. Whenever I come home from a bad day at school or whatever, I start laughing. Sometimes I laugh for no reason, other times it's because I'm laughing at myself. And speaking about which, laughing at yourself is a useful tool.
  10. Another thing: Pinkie Pie is such an inspiration. She taught me to laugh at my fears (See "Laughter Song"- Pinkie Pie) and guess what? it works! Then there's her Smile Smile Smile song... it just got hold of me... why can't everyone else be like Pinkie Pie? All happy and random and giggly? Maybe it's because of the terrible things that happen in our world everyday, but a bright side is something always to look forward to.
  11. To deal with your conflicts, fears, emotions, feelings and problems, the only REAL answer is to.........
  12. ...LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH. LOL seriously. Laugh and you'll feel better. forget about pep talks, therapy or anti-depressants, just LAUGH!!!! start out with a forced out laugh then REALLY LAUGH!!!!!! just thinking about doing this makes ME wanna laugh so......
  13. ok im done O_O I don't know why I wrote this. Maybe it's because I'm getting quite sad of how many people I saw this week depressed, sad or angry. It made me sad so I just wrote what I thought all on a quiz making site. Yeah. lawl i know. Bye and remember to LAAAAAAAAAAAUGH xD

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