School, Love, and Complication: Part 4

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Created by: Rockstar123

  1. recap: you and Sinnie are waiting on her porch for Matt. He promised that he will read to her. You feel awkward, because his best friend asked you out 10 minutes ago
  2. You spot Matt coming over. He heads up the porch stairs and smiles. "Hey Sin. Let's read." He says. Matt seems distracted and only talking to Sinnie. "Hurry! Hurry! GET TO THE PART WHEN WOLFIE BLOWS THE HOUSES DOWN!!!" Sinnie exclaimed. You smie in your head. Sinnie already read the book before, but she just wants Matt to read to her. When Matt finishes reading, he pats Sinie on the head. "There, the end." he says. Then, he hands the book to you. "See you tomorrow?" he says for the first time, locking eyes with you. "Yeah..." you sigh. He leaves and you say bye to Sinnie. This wasn't as interesting as you thought it would be.
  3. What a cheater, you think. //fast forward// Jake's date with you.You guys arrive there, and he smiles. He says, "Hey _________!" You blush. He was wearing a polo shirt, and his hair gelled. Jake looked a lot cuter than his normal, obnoxious self. "Hi." you finally reply.
  4. "So what do you have planned?" you ask, nervously. "Well, a movie. I know, it's classic, but I'll let you choose." Jake answered casually. You nod. Since the theater is close to where you live, you know how to get there like the back of your hand. You used to go there with
  5. guys! attention, attention! I'm gonna make a new series called, "Reality Check:A simple yet Complicated love story 1" -i dont know. PLEASE TAKE IT, CUZ THESE STORIES ARE MESSED UP AND I NEED A BETTER PLOT SO BY TAKING THOSE, YOU WILL GET AN AWESOME LOVE STORY, I PROMISE! EVEN BETTER THAN THESE! (its kindda a remake, but in better form)
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