School, Love, and Complication: Part 3

Take parts 1 and 2 before this quiz. I hope you enjoy it, because my neck is hurting while I'm typing this. It took a while to make and I'm tired. Comment, rate, leave a suggestion and DEFINITELY stay tuned.

*Insert wors here* is Sydney (you) thinking. This is a story, not the ones when a million katrillion guys fall for you, while you pick one. Enjoy, and PEACE!

Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. recap: [Your 4 year old neighbor, Sinnie tells you that her best friend is Matt. You ask her about him.... *evil smile*]
  2. Sinnie smiles and told you, "Uh huh. Matt likes cherry flavored candy and oranges and green and Summer and teddy bears. Well, the last one I made up. I make him play tea party with me." You say, "Have you ever met the girls he dates?" She looks discusted and says, "Yeah. They make him stay boyfriends with them. Once, Matt came over and the girl ignored me and told him to stop wasting his time with a little girl but I am NOT little! Mommy says that I am a big girl now. I don't even wear diapers!" You sigh, because those girls are big jerks. Somehow, Sinnie goes on and on about tea parties. You weren't really paying attention. *He is good with kids. But not with Amber, Fiona, and Alyssa. He LETS them kiss him. I guess he actually cares for them...* "...and pink glittery ones too! Oh, I like the purple and pink ones. What about you, Shydney?" Sinnie asks. "What? Uhh... blue?" you say. You had absolutely NO idea what she just said, but went along with it. Sinnie looks at you funny, like 'So your saying I'M the 4 year old?' kind of look. "There is no blue, silly." she says. She continues, "What 'bout puuuurple?" You blink. "Ok." you agreed. You glance at your watch. 5:03. "Sinnie, I have to go. Bye!" you say. She hugs your legs and says, "Buh bye Shydney!" You ruffles her hair and smile.
  3. //~The next day: homeroom.~// Workstudy is 1st period. We sit, read, study (obvious, lol), or catch up on work. Today was Library Collision Day. You have it once a week. What Library Collision Day is, is when 2 or 3 classes join together to go to the library. Your BFF, Jess, came with you. Matt was already in Workstudy with you, and so was Fiona. But Amber was in Jess's class, and now it's 2 (Amber, Fiona) against one (You). Sucks. You decide to avoid Matt, Amber, and Fiona. Besides, you don't even know if Matt likes you. You've known him for 4 days. Another thing is that you wanted to spend more time with Jess, because friends are important, too. "Hey Jessie." you say. "Sydney! Hellooo. You are lucky that you have Workstudy. I have AMBER in homeroom. Teacher's pet. Though, she STILL is popular." Jess says. You say, "But I have Fiona. It's been 4 days and I'm sick of her already. She's always complaining about SOMETHING." You and Jess make your way into the Library with a hall pass. "It's a good thing I don't have Alyssa in my homeroom. She would make me cranky from period one to the end of the day." you say. Jess looks a little pale. You pat her shoulder, because in 7th grade, Alyssa did something NASTY to her.
  4. What she did was smear peanut butter on Jess' underwear and hid her clothes. Then, after 2 days, she hung them on a flag pole. The peanut butter was getting moldy, and it looked disgusting. But it was just plain cruel, while all the kids bullied Jess. That's when Amber thought what Alyssa did was "cool". She abandoned us. And more importantly, Jess. Without a simple, "I'm sorry". It's too late now. ~Back to the story~ You walk to the fiction section and find Amber and Fiona fighting. "You FORGOT my eyeliner!? What the hell! I specifically TOLD you to bring it today. Oh great." Amber exclaimed. On the other hand, Fiona smirked and said, "I forgot it. I'll bring it in tomorrow. So what?" By now, Amber was furious and flamed. "So what? SO WHAT?! I'll tell you so what! It BETTER be hear TOMORROW or I'll beat the s--- out of you!" Amber yelled. The librarian came to them and said, "Hey, hey, calm down girls. We whisper in the library. Not yell." Fiona rolled her eyes and when the librarian left, Amber stuck her middle finger to Fiona. You leave the scene and go to the Science section. You're not really sure if Kevin was REALLY going to let you guys off the hook with all the work.
  5. You reach for a book on Experiments, and a hand grabbed it and handed it to you. "Thanks." you say. You looked and itwas Matt. You sat on the floor next to the book shelf. It was empty in the Science section except for you and Matt. Jess was in the Historical section, looking for a book for the mid term. "Are you into science?" Matt says. "Nah." you say, flipping a page. After a minute, Matt is still standing there, cutely, with shorts, a nike shirt, nike Neon sneakers and brown hair. Hazel eyes. Hazel eyes...You start a conversation and say, "So do you know Sinnie? The 4 year old?" He says, "Yeah, what about her?" He gets down and sit next to you. Closely. You responding, "Nothing. She's great company, and cute. Actually, she's my neighbor." Matt raises his eyebrows. "Really? I live, like, a few houses down. I walk home but I didn't see you. Well, Alyssa demanded to come over..." You groan. "Alyssa. Such a jerk. How could you bear to be with them?" you say. He says, "It's not that bad, I guess." Silence. The bell rung and you stood up and said, "Well, bye Matt." He says, "Bye Sydney." and blushes as Fiona came up to him and dragged him away. wow. //~Period 9: Science~// You were assigned into the same groups as last time. You guys were doing a water expeiment. As usual, Alyssa was texting.
  6. You decided to speak up. "Alyssa, you should be helping, too." you say. "Uh huh. And YOU should've went to hell the minute you were born. Burn!" she says, still texting. You weren't going to let her say that. You said cooly, "Maybe you are just being cranky today. I understand that. Oh yeah, I'm sorry. Misunderstanding. You are b*tchy EVERYDAY." Alyssa shut her phone and glared. "You want help? I'll give you help." She scowled and took the bowl full of water. She was about to dump it on you when Matt pushed you out of the way and water splashed all over him. "Oh my gosh, you ok?" you say and give him paper towels. "I'm fine." he says. He's not even mad that Alyssa did that. But YOU were pissed. Alyssa said to Matt, "Babe, that was supposed to be on HER. Not YOU." She kissed him, and everything was ok. Just like that. GOD, JUST LIKE THAT.
  7. The teacher comes and Alyssa didn't get in trouble. You didn't want to say much, because Matt didn't care. Didn't care. How could he possibly didn't care? But that got you wondering. What if he did care inside? What if Matt has a mix of emotions and doesn't want to show anyone? Kevin breaks up your thoughts and whispers, "Syd, Alyssa should've got into trouble. Why let her go?" You say, "Kevin, good question. I don't know. I seriously don't know." The bell rung, and the day was over. You went to your locker, and put in all your stuff. You slam your locker and go to the main doors. You look at your watch. 3 more minutes before they let you guys free.
  8. You wait there, and Someone taps on your shoulders. It was...
  9. It was...Jake. "Hey." he says. "I didn't get to talk to you in general music." you say. The bell rings. You two walk outside. "So, What's new?" you say. He looks at you and says, "Did you hear about Matt?" You say, "Don't even bring that up. Alyssa is being a pain more than ever." You guys are walking in silence and Jake finally says, "You want to go to the movies this Saturday?" You say, "Are you suggesting for me to go on a date with you? haha, fine. What time?" You're unsure, considering Matt is his best friend, and you have a thing for him. "Uh, 6:00. We'll have dinner than movies." he says. You smile weakly. "Ok" you say. Jake goes home and you make it home, too. Sinnie greets you with a huge hug and saying, "Shydney! Shydney! Shyyyyydneeeey! Matt is coming to read me, "The 3 wittle pigs". C'MON!!" She drags you to her porch and you two wait for Matt. You play pattycake with her, to kill the time. But honestly, Matt's BEST FRIEND just asked you on a date. What if you fall for him? You would be a cheater.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Don't worry though, stay for part 4!! Also, Comment, rate, leave a suggestion. Hit 'submit' at the bottom so I know that actual people enjoyed/read my series. It took me a long time, and I hope you appreciated my hard work ;)

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