Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 2

ok so this is reality. not where a bunch of guys fall for you at the same time. it might be pleasing, but this is a more realistic love story. I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING THIS AS MUCH AS I ENJOYED WRITING IT(: haha btw, if you remembered me writing that, it wa from "School, Love, and Complication: Part 1-3 or i forgot."

ok, please stay tuned, comment and that'll make my day. I'm really tired writing this from my DSi, and my pinky is killing me. welp, STAYTUNED, COMMENT THANKS FOR TAKING :]

Created by: Rockstar123

  1. You walk to school the next day, because you did not want to take the stupid, smelly bus where all the "populars" sit in the back, and the goodie goodies get teased in the front. As you walk, a warm, sunny breeze of Spring blows the emerald green tree leaves suspending above you. It was a beautiful day. Nothing could go wrong, right? You look at your watch and smile. But as soon as you saw what time it was, you made a run for it. School was starting in ten minutes! You ran into the school, and rushed past people to go to your locker. Unfortunately, some stupid blonde standing in front of you was strollin' and walking so slowly. You follow him, trying to go to your locker, but he's so slow. Finally you tap the dude on the shoulder, impatiently.
  2. At that moment, Kathryn wanted to say hi to you and pushed you forward. The guy turned around and you basically fell on him. He had the light blue eyes, and in a grumpy mood and looked pissed. You look over. Riiiiight. Just your luck. It was CAMERON you fell on. Just great. "Watch it!" he snaps. You weren't in any better mood. You retort, "Well, I wasn't the one walking so slowly!" You grab your books and the pencil laying on the floor. So does Cameron. He snatches it away and says, "Just leave me alone. I shouldn't be talking to someone ugly like you." Hurt and confusion fills your head. Cameron looks like he wants to take it back, but stays cool. You grew madder and madder at the second, and wanted to explode, like a blender ferociously blending fruits. "Shut up you driven ego maniac! At least I have friends and not stupid idiots who hang around me because they like my clothes, hair, or attitude!" you almost yell. You look up and see Kathryn still standing there looking at you. "Oh my god, no Kathryn!" you say. She looks away and hurries to her class. Cameron says, "Good timing. I should just walk away before people have evidence that I was talking to YOU." You wanted to scream and yell. But class is in a minute. You run there and sit down, remaining silent. *Stupid Cameron Stupid Cameron...*
  3. First, second, and third periods were not that bad. Until you got to science. Of course, John was absent. It seems like Sydney was looking prettier, being snottier, and feeling smarter today. And Cameron, he's just being Cameron. The Cameron you hate. Mr. Parsel says, "Ok, fellow Scientists! Begin your next experiment! Remember, The full report on the three experiments is due in two weeks." He then adds, "Teamwork is needed." Mr. Parsel walks over to Cameron and snatches his phone. "Now get to work." You look over and see Sydney in the meanest mean girl look. She starts pouring the food coloring onto the oil. "Shouldn't we work together?" you suggest. She grouches, "With you two fighting, I'm getting no where." You just realized Sydney called you useless. Then Cameron asks you what your least favorite song was. You tell him, wondering what the heck got into him. Cameron shrugs and takes his ipod hidden in his pocket and puts his earplugs on. He was blasting your least favorite song.
  4. He knows you can hear it. He knows you hate it. But he doesn't know that you want to break down in tears right now. He had all he wanted, he was popular, but he just can't get enough. You decided that going along with Sydney and remaining cheerful is the best plan. *I can't let them see me cry...* "Pour the water in the syrup! I KNOW what to do but, I don't want my manicure to be sticky." Sydney went on. You did as told, and Cameron laughed. He commented, "Well, HANNAH'S nails aren't manicured, that's for sure." You snorted and shot back, "Why do you care? Maybe you want your nails painted bright pink?" He ignored you like it was the dumbest thing you've ever said. Finally, it was health. You could apologize to Kathryn for calling her a stupid idiot for liking Cameron.
  5. "Kathy! Wait!" you said, pulling her before she went into the health room. She hesitates and steps back out. "What?" she says, sounding irked. "Look, I didn't mean to call you a stupid idiot. I was just really pissed at Cameron." you then add, "Anyways, why do you like him anyway? He's a jerk." She blabs, "His eyes. They're beautiful. Wait no, his hair. So soft looking. Or maybe his coolness? Nah, it has to be his muscles." You want to puke. Cameron isn't cute... ok maybe he is, but he's a self-centered idiot. "Ok. Well, see you later," you tell her, hurrying to your desk. Mrs. Lavinburg walks in. She says to you guys cheerfully-almost TOO cheerfully-,"Ok. I will assign your Maturing Project partners. Deanna and Steven, Joe and Heather. Ashton and Sierra." She pauses. Then went on, "Hannah and Cameron, Jake and Kathryn, Emily and Mark...." She went on, but your mind drifted of to a sea full of thoughts. Maybe it was your head in the clouds. You glance at Kathryn and she frowns.
  6. You mouth to her sympathetically,'Sorry.' She mouthes back, 'Whatever. I don't care.' You feel awful. Why'd Mrs. Lavinburg do this to you? Your mind raced on and on, and it drifted back to earth, back to reality. Mrs. Lavinburg announces, "Ok, so get in your pairs-" You cringed at the word. "-and fill out this sheet together. As you are aware of I assigned you to people you don't normally...socialize with. So fill these 'get to know you' activity." You looked over to Cameron. He looks back. You go over by him and sit next to him on the two-by-two tables and chairs. You say, "Look, I know you'd rather work with Sydney or whoever, but let's get this over with. I'll start." He raises his eyebrow and say, "Don't tell me YOU'D rather work with someone else. I mean come on. You LOVE me." You swat him and ignore him. You said, "What's your full name?" "Cameron Blake Parker. What's yours?" As you scribble down his answer onto the sheet Mrs. Lavinburg gave you, you reply, "Hannah Amber Miller. What's your favorite holiday?" "Easter." You blinked, surprized and asked, "Really? Not Christmas?" He answers casually, "We get a week off school, and it's not that cold. It might sound stupid, though." You smile. "Me too, for the same reason." you tell him. He seemed interested, but then turned his swag back on. "Whatev. I just like the breezy rides from my BMW. So, what's you favorite food?" he questioned. "Pasta." "Me too." More scribbling down answers.
  7. By the time you guys finished, you learned that Cameron likes-and plays- football, likes red and summer, has a pet dog named Ruffles, and started the food fight in 8th grade. You smiled in memory of that day. That exact day was when some kid took the daily desert-cranberry cobbler- and thrusted it at Mr. Dann, the meanest teacher alive. You ask him, "What's one thing you kept to yourself, but never told anyone?" He was about to answer but then says, "Hey that's not one of the questions!" You shrug and say, "I know, but I tell you if you tell me." He replies, "Ok, you'll laugh though. Whenever I go downtown, I buy a bag of pretzels. I walk back to my house, and on the way, I break a piece of every pretzel I eat and throw it on the ground for the birds or squirrels to eat." You laugh and he shoves you. "Oh yeah. haha, sorry." you say. Honestly, you were starting to see Cameron, the real Cameron, despite his beautiful face and hair and body, the Cameron who's actually conforting. Mrs. Lavinburg breaks your thoughtfulness and says, "Alright, so I want you guys to meet up after school today and work on the first assignment. I want it done pronto tomorrow. Exchange phone numbers, do what you need to do, have a nice day bye." The bell rang and you go to lunch.
  8. Cameron kept you from going. "Wait! I need your phone number. We have to meet today." he says. You take his arm and jot your number with your blue papermate pen. He was about to stop you, but you were too fast for him. "So, what's yours?" you ask. He seemed a little annoyed at you for writing on his arm, so he took the pen right out of your grip, grabbed your arm and wrote his number down. Then, you left him without a word and ran to the bathroom. No on was in there, and the vacant restroom seemed to be focusing on you. The somewhat forlong mirror glanced back at you as you stared at it. Earlier this morning, Cameron called you ugly. Were you really THAT bad looking?? You sighed sadly. Cameron was the last person at this moment you wanted to lower your self-esteem. You pasted a smile and went to your table. There, you saw Deanna, Kathryn, and Mark. "Heey Hannah! Like, we totally weren't talking about you!" Deanna exclaimed almost too fastly. You squint. You put on a fake cop voice, "Ok, dirtbags, gig's up. What happened?" Kathryn sighed and said, "CanyoupleaseaskMrs.Lavinburgtoswitchpartnerspleasepleaselease?" Does Kathryn like Cameron THAT much? But then again, she's your best friend. You finally answer, "Ok. I'll ask tomorrow, I guess." She squeals and hugs you. Mark breaks the silence and says, "So...I got Emily. I was hoping to get someone else, though." Deanna then says, "The first homework is due tomorow. I'm meeting my partner at the Library. What about you guys?" She glances at you, Kathryn and Mark.
  9. You say, "Ugh, I don't know, nor do I care." You point to your arm. "I have his phone number. So... I'll call him? Whatever." Kathryn's eyes go round. She stammers, "You have his phone number on your arm?!?!" Awkward silence. Again, Mark says something else. "I'm meeting Emily at the park where are you meeting Jake, Kathryn?" he asks, looking straight at her. "Oh, uh I think at Starbucks'." she answers. You whisper to her, "At least you got Jake? I mean, he's Cameron's best friend. He's cute right?" She grouches, "Not as cute as Cameron." You sigh. This was harder than you expect. Oh boy.
  10. STAY TUNED! THE NEXT PART IS GOOD, I THINK. HAHA IT WILL BE!! (: ok, so hit the submit button pease so i know people are reading these. If i know that, then I'll make the next part. oh and comment, please! i love reading you guys comments, they make my day(:

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