Please Read, very important. {Aria's}

Okay, this is my little rant, important thing to read. Please read it. Thank you very much. You are a good person, I am a good person, we like shiny, we like you. xD

Do you REALLY like famous people? Are you one of those people who bash good singers because they make it to the top? Are you like one of those who just hate on people?

Created by: Aria

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  1. Hi there. My name is Aria and I'll be giving a little speech today. First of all, what is the world coming to? Do you like the way it is now, or the way it was before? Do you like that children are abused, bullied, etc? I don't like that and I want to stand up and fight against it. I want to make a change.
  2. xxblutixx brought to my attention that some people on gotoquiz forums are BASHING One Direction really bad without good reasons. I here, would like to ask those people WHY they are doing that? Give me a reasonable answer to as why you are hating on one of the most famous boy bands there is out today
  3. I understand if you aren't a BIG fan of them, or you've heard their music and just think it's alright. I'm a fan of One Direction, and I be realistic. Do you know that when they make mistakes on stage, it proves they are HUMAN? That they're not perfect. Excuse me but One Direction is not perfect, none of them are. Do you have any idea what kind of PAIN they go through? Do you know how they feel when people HATE on them for no good reason. Let's take Harold Edward Styles for example.
  4. I don't know if you know but One Direction were performing on stage once, and Harry didn't take in enough air for his solo so it was a little off. He thought he disappointed everyone, he said he even disappointed himself. He was very depressed and after the concert, he went on Twitter or something and searched "Harry's s---" and saw all the things people were saying about him. According to Niall, those things that people were saying were really 'disgusting.' Those 'things' made Harry CRY. Do you hear me? He CRIED over people hating him. He has a heart you know, a heart just like all of us. He is just a boy. Why can't you just leave him alone. There's one solution: if you HATE One Direction, then why listen to it? Why bash it? Leave THEM ALONE! Do you know that these celebrities have families, families that care about them? Don't YOU have a family? Look at yourself in the mirror. Beauty lies within. If you are a horrible person on the inside and a nice looking person on the outside, you are a monster to me. A poser. Listen to me good Haters, LEAVE Harry alone. I am saying this because I care. Yes, they can have constructive criticism but do you think hating on him makes you a better person? It doesn't. Just know that.
  5. If I am wasting your time and being repetitive, I suggest you leave. (: Now to Zayn. I can't say I fancy Zayn much but he is a human. Do you know why he's acting like 'Bradford Bad Boi' ? When he was younger, people used to bully him. Our Zayn Jawaad Malik used to be a victim of bullying. I have made a team of people that goes against bullying. Bullying is just wrong in my opinion. Verbal, physical, any kind of bullying isn't right. Bullying gets you NOWHERE in life. Wait a minute. *idea clicks in head* Do you know that if you go for a job interview, the person who is interviewing gets a background of you, all that you did in school, and what not? Well yes. So if they found out you bully, just remember, you won't get that job. You won't get your DREAM job. Have you ever heard the saying "what goes around, comes around" ? Well now you have. Karma. That is what will come back to you. Do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you.
  6. Okay, now to Niall. Hmm...where to start? People hate on him because of his teeth, because he isn't the most attractive one in the group, because he is different. Now, being different just proves you're original and you don't need to go with the flow because you're independent. Niall is independent. He may look carefree and food-eating to you but he has feelings. He may be Irish but he has the SAME HEART as everyone else. We all came from one person you know. We came from GOD. So, insulting Niall is like insulting God. Correction: It is insulting God. Think about it, do you WANT to insult God? The supreme, the one who makes everything come true for you? The one you pray for guidance? The one you beg for forgiveness when you do something wrong? :) Looking at it like that gives you a different perspective right?
  7. I know I probably sound like an over obsessive fan I am not. I just DO NOT get WHY people hate on famous people for NO particular reason? Well...I know I haven't said anything about Louis and Liam, that's because I am not aware of anything that people say about them. Louis, Niall and Harry are highly respected by me though. Yes, I do like Liam and Zayn. They are unique and wonderful but don't question about Niall, Harry and Louis. I don't know why i like them so much. Oh yeah! Another thing I want to discuss. Why do you say they are GAY?!
  8. The members of One Direction aren't gay. Some of them may have girlfriends, some of them are just too occupied to have a girl in their life right now. Who knows? It's not like any of us know them personally, inside and out. XD I just think it's really hilarious that there are some RIDICULOUS people out there that think they are gay. Wow o.O Anyway, just remember what I said. I know I am just one girl, making a rant that concerns One Direction, sounding like a over obsessive fan, and I make no difference in the world. I know that my rant wasted your time, I know that there are bad people and good people out there. The world doesn't consists of all good people. Well...I have a few announcements still so yeah. Thank you for reading my rant though (:
  9. Okay, I still have a new quiz called 'Noitect is Activated.' It's interesting, I think. XD It consists of the Avengers, Spy Kids, Young Justice, etc. I won't want to give anything away. (: Just please take it.
  10. And my last announcement is that I have a character contest. I'm too lazy to type over everything so if you would please go to my profile you would see it. Thank you, have a blessed day (: Sincerely, Aria

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