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Please don't take this quiz, take my other ones. Okay so now you're asking yourself, why am I taking this quiz? Uh, don't! The quiz title was just for you to get the message for you to take my quizzes.

....also I want to level up you know. On this moola account, and wouldn't it be super awesome people actually did take my quizzes from my lilfreakgryl account? EPIC right?!

Created by: moola

  1. Teehee don't take this quiz. Okay? I'm just advertising/leveling up on this account.
  2. Please stop taking this quiz.
  3. -_- really stop.
  4. This is Lil of course, call me Lily if you want, or just Lil, I'm using my moola account (my very first GTQ account in history) and I want to level up in it :)
  5. I did? Well okay. Cheezus. STOP TAKING THIS QUIZ.
  6. Listen, you're just going to rate this quiz low, leave hate comments, (like I'll give a sh|t) and yeah, no point of that right?
  7. So are you going to stop taking this quiz? :)
  8. -_-
  9. STOP taking it, it's a waste of time!
  10. :(
  11. No :(
  12. Cause you won't stop taking this quiz!

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