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Hey guys! Welcome to my shout-outs quiz! With this quiz I am going to recognize some gotoquiz users who have taken my other quizzes, and I am going to announce my most popular quiz.

If you are not on here, Im sorry, and take my quizzes so you can be on the next shout-outs quiz. If you dont have an account yet, I thank you as well.

Created by: Vampirina
  1. I finally have enough people who have taken my quizzes to do shout-outs!
  2. My most popular quiz is What nickname fits how long you survive?
  3. Now onto the shout-outs.
  4. The first shout-out goes to Bubbleisha for being the first person to take my quizzes. Also for being the only one so far who has taken all of my quizzes, and the only one who has taken What Warriors she-cat are you? Part three.
  5. The second shout-out goes to Shimmer_, for taking most of my quizzes and one of the only two to take What Warriors she-cat are you? Part four.
  6. The third shout-out goes to Shimmerdream, for taking most of my quizzes and loving Warriors by Erin Hunter.
  7. The next shout-out goes to Eva Bella, for taking my most popular quiz.
  8. The next shout out is to Porg Lover, for taking my quizzes. Also for including me on her Which of my GTQ friends are you? quiz. That helped make my quizzes a bit more popular. Thank you so much!
  9. The next shout-out goes to Twigpaw, for taking my most popular quiz and a few others.
  10. The final shout-out goes to all of the GTQ members who dont have an account but took my quizzes anyway. Thanks, guys!
  11. Thank you to Bubbleisha, Shimmer_, Shimmerdream, Eva Bella, Porg Lover, Twigpaw, and other Vampirina-quiz-takers for taking my quizzes. Please continue to take them, and to show up on my next shout-outs, you need a GTQ account and to have taken my quizzes. Bye!

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