Are You Called "Popular"?

Ever found yourself wondering how high you are in the popularity list? Time to figure that out! Remember shout outs to first 3 comments! Notice, that results are made to be fun, not perfectly accurate...

So, long story short your popular, or your not. Time to find that out! Don't forget to suggest ideas for my next quiz! I hope you have fun,DON'T FORGET TO RATE!!!

Created by: CeeCeeXD

  1. Hello! So just made this in case anyone was wondering if they were popular or not...
  2. Do you play any sports or are you in a club at your school?
  3. Your walking down the hall by yourself, sudddenly you trip and fall. Who would help you up?
  4. Have you ever heard people talk about you behind your back?
  5. Do you usually get really good grades?
  6. What do you do outside of school?
  7. What kind of music do you listen to?
  8. ok, shout outs to vulturemonem, OmegaWolf19, and ACB for first 3 comments on my would you rather qiuz...Yay!!
  9. And special shout out to XxSophiaCxX for making me smile at her comment. Another internet hug to her. And i shout out to ACB (again lol) bcuz we r best friends at school.
  10. Alright that seems to be it BYEE!!Thanks for taking my quiz!!

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Quiz topic: Am I Called "Popular"?