Silver Blade: Part Two

Hola people! Pérdon for not being on too much lately -- my Abuela just passed away recently so I have been crazy busy. Before I start the story, I'd like to dedicate this to ghettobabe4ever.

Shout-outs: shout-out to ghetto, for reading, commenting and helping me out with the romance part of this story. Without her help -- I'd be lost. (thanks a--hole) shout-out to houndlover for reading and commenting on these -- it means a lot.

Created by: LetsTacoBoutIt
  1. *** make sure you read the prologue and part one first ***
  2. Scouts eyes enlarged as she slowly turned around to see a tall lanky figure.
  3. ***THIS PART WAS WRITTEN BY GHETTO***Long petals of black eyelashes jutted out gratefully from above his narrowed eyes -- their color resembling two beautifully crafted diamonds. Small wisps of stark white hair galloped across his forehead and fell down to his eyebrows in cascading waves. Scouts hazel eyes stayed magnetically locked onto his as he began to saunter over, each of his steps majestic in there own way. " You never answered me Scout. Why are you on the floor with him?" he purred, crinkling his nose as he looked over at Danny.
  4. "I -- wait. Why are you even here?" she thought to ask, pulling herself up from the dusty floor. " Babe, I came to help you, silly. You'll never be able to hide from that demon you call your father without me. I mean, you'd still be crawling around with that dork if it weren't for my sudden appearance." the guy merely sneered. " Aw, boo! That's sweet of you, but " Scout cooed, placing a hand over her heart in a sarcastic manner. " he's not a dork, Liam."
  5. *** BACK TO LETSTACOBOUTIT***Liam just shook his head and held his hand out for her to take -- but only received a brush of wind to be cast upon it. " Very well. Come then Scout, we must get you to safety before he comes searching for you." he sighed. Scout shook her head vigorously and took a step closer to Danny who was still on the floor. " Not unless Danny can come too."
  6. Liam's eyes turned to slits as he stared at his girlfriend like she had lost her mind -- large razor sharp teeth ripping through his gums and protruding from his mouth. " You want HIM to come with us!?! Have you lost your mind?!" Liam hissed. Small silver scales began to sprout up from his skin as he slithered closer to Scout -- who was helping Danny up from the freezing floor. " Liam, it's for the best," Scout sighed, looking at him with sympathy. " besides, you wouldn't want him to tell father where we're going -- right?"
  7. Scouts eyes bore holes into him as she gave a pleading look, already knowing he'd have to say yes. " I don't--" he began, cut off by her thin, warm lips pressing against his slick, cold ones. Now, most people would be thinking 'awww that's so cute," but truth be told -- it was the only way to calm the reptilian morpher down. Scout slowly pulled away from him, using her large hand to cradle the side of his face in a caring way. " fine. He can come."
  8. She excitedly retracted her hand from his face and tackled him into a tight embrace -- his body slowly going back to his human form. Yes, Liam was part snake -- but it was due to him and Scout being a couple. When a child of demonic hierarchy dates a human, he or she must go through the sacred oath and be cursed to become a morpher for the rest of eternity. Scout did love Liam. She really did -- once. Now it was like this reoccurring vortex she was stuck in and couldn't escape from it. His kisses were no longer pleasing and his words never warmed her heart like they once did.
  9. *** GHETTOS WRITING AGAIN ***But Scout knew Liam still loved her -- and she still cared for him. A lot. But there was just something missing. Like compassion. " Oh Liam! You're the best!" she squealed. " oh Liam! You're the best!" mocked Danny in a girly voice , holding his hands to his heart as he did a spin on his heel. " Hush mortal. If you want to come in one piece,you'll shut up." Liam warned as he and Scout slowly peeled off of each other. " I doubt your girlfriend would let you --" " Boys! Calm down. Let's just go, okay?"
  10. *** BACK TO ME WRITING ***Liam and Danny exchanged one last glare before turning to face a frowning Scout. " You're right, bonita. " Danny sighed, giving her an apologetic look that made her smile. " Come. We have no time for petty apologies. We need to go. Now." Liam reminded them. Scout gave a nod as they all slipped out into the brisk morning atmosphere, their bodies plummeting downwards as their ground crumbled beneath them.
  11. Scout scrunched her eyes shut, anticipating the fall, when....
  12. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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