Silver Blade:The Prologue

Sup amigos? So, I know this is my first quiz -- but I swear I'll make it good. So, I'd like to first dedicate this to my b----y friend -- Lexi (aka ghettobabe4ever)

Also, quick warning *WARNING* ⚠ if you cannot handle gore, foul descriptions (such as blood, guts and the occasional romantic gesture.) than DON'T read this.

Created by: LetsTacoBoutIt

  1. ***Ten years in the past *** Flamboyant silver tears began to slowly crawl across her rosy-red cheeks as the puffy rims of her hazelnut colored eyes began to produce enough tears to fill a large river. " Please don't! Please don't daddy," cried out the young child, her tiny voice breaking the empty silence. " please.... Please daddy. Don't leave me." she pled. Her dad -- a tall lanky fellow who's solid jet black hair was now a tangled mop -- looked at his daughter with a frown on his face.
  2. The man's face slowly began to change as the corners of his mauve lips slowly tugged upwards, forming a smug smirk. The old wrinkled bags that inhabitated underneath his dark eyes rapidly began to droop downwards -- increasing in size and shape. The little girls eyes were magnetically locked on the puss-filled bags beneath his eyes -- and as he began to lurch towards her -- she could only manage to blink. " Bonita, I'm not your daddy. I'll never be your daddy, you little imp." he snarled, kneeling down in a position to look her in the eyes -- the bags beneath his eyes still growing in size.
  3. The young girls large round eyes began to form whirlpools that shimmered blatantly as he continued to growl out insults -- the tears falling down her chubby face burning wildly. The 'mans' eyes began to glow a fierce red as the bags beneath his eyes continued to swell, their appearance looking like large discolored tomatoes. " I'll never love you, Scout." he whispered -- placing his long dagger-like fingers against her soft baby skin and driving his brittle nails into her skin.
  4. Droplets of crimson blood leapt up to the surface of her flesh as he removed his hand from her face and lifted it up to his eyes. Her hazel eyes widened as he jabbed his nails deeply into the swollen bags. Glowing green ooze puddled out around the two of them as his once cheery face began to shrivel up into a disformed ball -- his eyes black holes that seemed to go through the depths of her soul.
  5. Piles of creased skin began to fall from his face in large flakes as his once human form was exchanged for a winged-demon creature. Large jagged horns hung proudly from his head, black nappy hair poured down his grey-stony face as the rest of his body began to turn a bloody red. Black latex-like wings sprouted from his back -- ripping through his exposed flesh and batting back and forth rapidly. " You're not my boss -- is that understood my beloved Scout?" asked the creature. Scout gave a fearful nod as she clutched her hands onto the hem of flowered dress. " Very well. Just you wait, " he growled into her little pointed ear -- pressing his cracked lips against her cheek.
  6. " when you turn sixteen, I shall return. You aren't what you think you are." he sighed, wrapping her into a tight embrace -- her small body trembling in his large arms and her bottom lip quivering in fear. " Goodbye Scout." he grumbled. " Goodbye daddy." she sniveled, holding onto his tattered clothing. He forcefully pulled her off of him and backed a few feet away from her -- flapping his slimy wings back and forth until his feet were off of the floor.
  7. Without another word being said, he closed his eyes -- and disappeared. Scouts round eyes refilled with fresh tears as she raised her hand up to the heavens. " Daddy...." she muttered sadly.
  8. The little girl was now all alone, with no other family to support her and her needs -- she'd have to learn to fend for herself and be her own hero. Scout knew right then that life wouldn't be easy, but she could handle it -- right?
  9. ***CLIFFHANGER ***
  10. Sorry amigos! (and Lexi -_-) please let me know what you think about this series and if I should continue it, gracias

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