Do you prefer green buns or silver cheeks?

Do you like green buns or silver cheeks? Have you spent your entire life wondering which one you prefer? Well now, thanks to this quiz, you can find out.

If you like silver cheeks, then yeah. If you like green BUNS then yeah. By the way, thanks for clicking on this quiz and please comment on it thanks..

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  1. Out of the following which COLOR do you prefer?
  2. Which texture out of the following do you like best?
  3. Choose a word out of the following:
  4. Again, please choose a word:
  5. Do you prefer bread rolls or silver cars?
  6. Do you like bright colors, or dark colors? (By dark colors I mean grey, or black. Oh, a fact, I'll give you, black and white aren't colors, haha, but you might already know that.)
  7. Choose a group of words:
  8. If you had to paint your nails, (sorry if your a guy) which color group would you choose from?
  9. Do you like cooking or mechanics best?
  10. Cold or warm, what do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Do I prefer green buns or silver cheeks?